Saint-Hippolyte. The funeral home has been reorganized

L’inauguration of travaux paysagers at cemetery and sur le terrain annexe à l’espace funéraire of Saint-Hippolyte s’est déroulée samedi juin 10, en presente du maire, Claude Huber, et de representants of local collectivities and des entreprises ayant œuvre sur this project.

Remembering the mayor of the time, Hippolyte Walter, Claude Hooper recalled some of his accomplishments, including moving the cemetery to its current location. Of this natural heritage, only the cemetery remained outside the city’s priorities.

For more than ten years, concession measures have made it possible over time to control the spaces allocated for burials, infrastructures or farms.

The Racines d’éternité designed the project including the repair of the main paths with sandstone slabs, the construction of a footpath crossing the cemetery, the weeding of the paths between the graves, the installation of grottoes, the redevelopment of the Garden of Remembrance, the creation of flower beds, or even the planting of trees and a few vines, in Whereas the space behind the cemetery is made fun and friendly.

This work benefited from the support of the Grand Est Region, which made it possible to obtain assistance from a European fund.

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