Saint-Faust Village opens a room for remote work

A remote work room has been opened near Pau, in St. Faust. It is quite original as this project was carried out by the municipality of the village of Saint-Faust. This is a room in a multi-purpose room building (where there is a plant). Within this remote workspace, There is everything you need to work: Chairs, desks, internet (fiber coming soon), sofa, giant screen, 3D printer, plus a kitchen area. This project was born long before the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, but saw the light of day at the beginning of 2022, at a time when people were called to work remotely at least three days a week.

A space for people to cross paths and meet

Vincent Prasat is a Municipal Counsellor in Saint Faust, responsible for activities and associations. He hopes this new room will attract people to the village of 750: “The idea is Make the village come alive, So from the world of Saint-Faust but also from the outside. We have contacted large companies such as Safran, Total and Euralis because today they are obligated to offer their employees remote work.. “This space is also open to those who do not want or cannot work at home, whether for reasons of space, internet connectivity or peace.

11 volunteers did the work and decoration

The cost of this fit-out and furnishing work Between 5000 and 6000 euros ; The county council gave 5,000 euros for digital equipment. This is also one of the reasons for having a 3D printer in the remote workroom. For young people, but not only.

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Michele Perpignan, councilor of the municipality of San Faust, wishes to continue testing, after the remote work room, why not the associations café: “Maybe a skill pack and tools. Borrow tools for example, a repair cafe. Don’t throw away the coffee maker as there is welding to be reconstructed, a little of this sort of thing that is already done in the city but in the countryside is no longer appropriate yet. “

►►► Practical Information: Reservation in advance with Town Hall. Prices: €10 per half day, €20 per day, €80 per week and €200 per month.

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