Sadiq “Aladdin” in the Middle Kingdom

It is not a lamp but a teapot. And he’s a dragon out of him, not a genius… Although not original, this is a 3D story of a poor suitor who is attracted by a princess and offers himself the services of a spirit that has a beautiful imagination. Starting at the age of 7 years.

A busty teen tries to reconnect with his childhood friend thanks to the genius of a magical teapot: the poignant feeling of Dean, a young boy from the slums of Shanghai, for Lina, the rich girl who became the inspiration for the watch. Brand, as the common thread in this animated film, is modern and alert.

Chinese remake type Aladdin or The Wonderful Lamp In computer-generated 3D visuals, this adventure lays out its land plot in Shanghai that is half futuristic and half traditional. The lamp turned into a beautiful teapot and fell into Dean’s hands. To find Lena, the young hero allows himself to be carried away by the genius dragon emerging from the teapot. Candy-pink, with a purple mane and a fluffy felt-like coat, the creature has the power to satisfy desires but also to attract disasters: gangsters want to get the magical teapot back and they’re in its wake. Rude and angry, the dragon hates public transportation, traffic jams and lovers! During the period of Promises Given, he made the Kung Fu religion an ace, a modern prince for a day, and eventually a good and selfless person.

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