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(Buffalo) Seth Appert isn’t the most popular name in our area, but one encounter with this professional coach is enough to make the distinction. Hair deserves Keri Fraser, the charisma of a TV presenter… He’s the kind to fill a room with just his presence.

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Clouds Lifrancois

Clouds Lifrancois

Appart is the Technical Director of the American Rochester Academy, Buffalo Sabers. Here he is in the press room at the Sabers Training Center on Wednesday, after a snowboard session for the team’s prospects. One of the first questions about Matt Savoy, formulated in 9e Row at Bell Center in July. A few minutes ago, Savoie skated for the first time with the Sabers.

Appert responds one by one. “He’s electric.” Then he fires into a slate of praise, praising his “with or without the puck” cadence, his “level of competitiveness, and his intelligence.” Don’t throw any more, the yard is full.

Savoy is the focal point on the eve of the match between the Canadian juniors and the juniors of the Sabers. Slightly hypothetical, because Owen Power, Jack Quinn and JJ Petrka, considered by many to be the team’s best prospects, do not participate in the Junior Championships.

But the Savoy isn’t a flaw either. Possessing 90 points in 65 Western Youth League games last year, this striker has as much potential as any drafted player in the league. Top 10. And while his body is still lean (5 feet 9 inches, 170 pounds), he shoots high.

“My biggest goal is to play games in the National Hockey League this season,” the youngster said.

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But even if he wins the junior tournament, even if he turns heads, will we give him the chance to hold a position?


If the question is asked, it is because the new Cypress administration appears determined to avoid the mistakes of a team excluded from the playoffs since 2011.

The current General Manager, Kevin Adams, was appointed in the summer of 2020. Two months later, he named Head Coach for Appert in Rochester. After an extraordinary campaign in 2020-21 due to the pandemic, the first “real” season of the new system resulted in an interesting experience.

Photo from the Twitter account @USAHOCKEYNTDP

Seth Appert

In fact, the aforementioned Quinn and Peterca were the US top scorers, even though they were only 19 and 20 at the start of the season. However, instead of giving them a chance at Buffalo, we let them take Rochester. And Bauer, he stayed another year in college, although he was the first pick in the 2021 draft.

It’s a typical turnaround for a team that in previous years offered NHL points to Jack Eichel, Rasmus Dahlin, Rasmus Restolainen and Mikhail Grigorenko in the following season’s enlistment.

We want to take a long-term approach with our youth. This does not mean that players cannot surprise campers. But we don’t want to rush into anything. We want to work the right way.

Seth Appert, head coach of Rochester USA

Appert gives the example of Peterka, in particular, who collected points at a good pace, but scored only four goals on Christmas. Record 24 after the holiday.

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“He worked hard,” Abert recalls. Sometimes, by letting players face adversity in MLS, they come out stronger, and they don’t have that adversity in the National League, where it’s more difficult because there’s more pressure. »

United States hockey

In addition to patience with the little ones, the employment of Appert in Rochester, and Don Granato in Buffalo, is interesting.

We’ve actually selected coaches who have gone through the United States National Development Program, which oversees America’s best hopes. Abert directed by Matti Benneris, Jake Sanderson, and Thomas Bordello. Granato watched the procession of Auston Matthews, Matthew Tkachuk and Charlie McAvoy. development, they did.

From Montreal, it will be interesting to note the development of swordsmen, whose rebuilding they began clearly before the Canadians. At the golf tournament on Monday, Kent Hughes was asked about his plans for Khoraj Slavkowski, who will play against other prospects starting Thursday. “Laval or Montreal? The camp question will be $1,000.

Young defenders of Canadians will also be screened. Hughes did not rule out making a few round trips between Montreal and Laval.

The Canadians and the Sabers have been drafting predictions in the ton for two years, 20 and 22 players respectively. The best team to manage this talent influx will have the best chance of breaking out of the slump.

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    Buffalo Sabers scored last season

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