Ryan Reynolds, a phenomenal actor and entrepreneur

But, other than the Hollywood star’s fees, and his status as co-owner of the English football team Wrexham, what about the actor’s business skills? More than you might think at first glance. Entertainment, cellular network, spirits, financial services, the multiple dimensions of his portfolio reveal what a real businessman looks like.

First, of course, there’s this incursion into the sports business with the acquisition of Wrexham in 2018. If this is Reynolds’ most famous business venture, it’s a deal far from being the most important. The club, which plays in the English Fifth Division, received $ 3.4 million with the aim of making it climb the ladder of English football. Until then, this acquisition made it possible to produce a documentary series, as well as serve as a laboratory for marketing opportunities.

At this time, Reynolds was on his second commercial venture. Coming from the entertainment world, he founded his own production company, Maximum Effort, a few months ago. And quickly agreements were concluded to develop projects for films and television series.

The blond actor is also an investor with a diversified portfolio. In 2018, he acquired a stake in Flying Distillery, a gin brand. A little less than a year later, a major global spirits group acquired the brand for more than $600 million, convincing Reynolds to remain as a minority investor and brand ambassador.

In 2019, he became a minority owner of the virtual cellular network Mint, which operates in the United States.

In the spring of 2022, Reynolds added his name to a long list of celebrities who participated in a funding round for Canadian online financial services Wealthsimple, valued at nearly $5 billion.

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To come full circle, in August 2022, Reynolds acquired a stake in FuboTV, a streaming service specializing in spectator sports, and whose company, Maximum Effort, will launch a channel where Reynolds plans to co-create content.

In addition to these investments, Reynolds also joined the board of directors of Match Group Inc, the global leader in dating sites, and owner of Tinder in 2020.

If you capture Reynolds on a set Tonight Show Looking for one, or partners, who have deep pockets to embark on a Senator buying adventure, his business network suggests a number of options.

Star franchisees

Many public figures today have stakes of various sizes in professional teams. Among these stars, there are many former or current athletes.

The most famous character in the property group, Magic Johnson, has co-owned a small portion of the Los Angeles Dodgers since 2012.

Former basketball player Steve Nash joined the Vancouver Whitecaps ownership group in 2008, before the team moved to MLS.

Always at the height of his massive popularity in the city he plays in, Patrick Mahomes quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs is now the minority owner of the Royals in baseball and MLS sporting.

In Miami, there is a small list of celebrities who own dolphins, including the Williams sisters, singers Gloria Estefan and Fergie.

There are also stars who are not from the sports world.

Although many thought it was a joke, Will Ferrell is actually part of the LAFC ownership group in the MLS. Musicians Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake are in the NBA, with the Brooklyn Nets and Memphis Grizzlies respectively.

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If this list is certainly incomplete, it appears that the NHL is the only league in North America that does not have a famous star among its owners. At least for now.

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