Ryan Antonio is the friend of Miss Universe, Andrea Meza – Marseille News

. Miss Universe Andrea Meza, who took a photo with Fonsi on Coronation Night, is the girlfriend of the famous Tik Toker

As expected, since Mexican Andrea Meza has been chosen as the new Miss Universe, her loyal followers and the entertainment press want to know more about the precious beauty queen.

And after the doubts that arose about her marital status after some pictures in which she wore a wedding dress with a gentleman, the young Aztec woman made it clear that she was celibate and that the man in the photos had nothing to do with her emotionally. But she admits that she has a boyfriend.

Miss Universe was asked about the famous Tik Taker who had been supporting her all the time in Hollywood, Florida, where the pageant was being held, and she decided to talk about her affair.

This is the so-called “gringuito” Ryan Anthony, who constantly shares funny content on Tik Tok, who is now also the protagonist after his girlfriend’s triumph.

Her boyfriend interviewed the beauty queen on Al Rojo Vivo TV show and she started giving a funny response.

“It’s a very complicated question,” said Andrea Meza, who later admitted her relationship with the man. “We met through social media, talked for a while, and we had to meet face to face, well we met people.”

Ryan Anthony, born in the US, proclaimed himself a loyal lover of Mexican culture, so much so that on the day his girlfriend was crowned Miss Universe, he wore a tie in the colors of the Aztec nation flag. .

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He has also learned to speak Spanish and has always been seen doing his best to connect with his Latino fans who cannot speak English.

Another interesting detail is that due to his love for the Spanish world, tik-toker chose to change his middle name from English to Spanish and is now called Antonio.

People in the Spanish magazine have confirmed that Miss Universe lives in Florida and often imitates scenes from series like Intimate Enemy 2 and Loli’s Luck on her social media.

Ryan Antonio also used his social media to celebrate his girlfriend’s victory and even joke around, as he shared a photo alongside Miss Universe.

The young man who also joked about his height wrote, “Okay, but next time I’ll wear the crown.”

In other videos, the tiktoker is shown dancing to Latin music, such as bachata.

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