Russia wants the United Nations to punish the United States

Between Moscow and Washington, love remains imperfect. Indeed, the State Department spokeswoman took advantage of the press conference she hosted to send a message to the UN Secretary-General. Ask the Russian official Antonio Guterres Establishment of an arbitral tribunal against the United States. The goal is to discuss the illegal detention of Russian diplomatic property.

“Arbitration Procedure”

“We call on Mr. Guterres, as Guarantor of the 1947 Agreements, to take practical steps to initiate arbitration proceedings against the United States.”Especially on Friday, December 24th Maria Zakharova. She explained that Russia would like to establish the court without delay. The head of Russian diplomacy notes that diplomatic property has been searched despite being illegally placed and detained.

Expulsion of several Russian diplomats

The case dates back to 2016 when the United States closed access to the residences of the Russian diplomatic mission in New York and Washington. Moscow has been accused of interfering in the US elections and putting pressure on US diplomats stationed in Russia. Several members of the Russian diplomatic corps were subsequently expelled from the United States.

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