Russia maintains its dual candidacy

Now it seems that their candidacy for the European Football Championship 2028 and 2032 was previously defeated, but the Russians did not give up. Alexei Sorokin (photo above), the former general manager of the 2018 World Cup in Russia and a former member of the FIFA Council, confirmed on Thursday, March 31 in Doha, on the sidelines of the annual conference of the federation, that his country possesses all the assets necessary to organize one or the other of two editions of the continental tournament. . “I am convinced that Russia will be able to organize world-class events and that it is technically capable of this at the momentExplained to the media. We have everything we need, we have the expertise and sports facilities, and we have a passion for sports, especially football.. The message is clear: Russia does not intend to withdraw its double candidacy for the Euro, even if Russian clubs and selections are excluded from international competitions by UEFA and FIFA due to the invasion of Ukraine. Alexei Sorokin indicated that his country has not yet officially decided to focus on one of the two versions, but the option Euro in 2032 will be the most favorable.The United Kingdom and Ireland submitted a joint application to host the competition in 2028. Italy is a candidate for the next edition. Turkey, like Russia, is applying for two consecutive editions.

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