Russia and the United States have appointed two negotiators


During his annual press conference, Vladimir Putin welcomed the US response to Russia’s demands for an escalation of the Russian-Western crisis. Two negotiators have been appointed to begin talks in Geneva in January 2022. Cross portraits of American Jack Sullivan and Russian Yuri Ushakov.

There should be no NATO movement towards the east. The ball is in their court », Began during Vladimir Putin’s annual press conference. Then Weeks of militant talk From Russian officials and the media, Russian President Rule ” Positive With the announcement of the start of talks in Geneva in January, the first US reaction to Russia’s demands for an escalation of the Russian-Western crisis surrounding Ukraine. The talks will be chaired by Jack Sullivan on the US side and Yuri Ushakov on the Russian side.

National Security Adviser, on the one hand, and Industrial Ambassador, on the other. Jake Sullivan, 45, a lawyer and judge, discovered the U.S. administration in 2008 with Democrats before becoming a senior civil servant. That same year, Yuri Ushakov left Washington and served as Russia’s ambassador since 1999. Now 74, the current diplomatic adviser to the Kremlin is a graduate of the prestigious State Institute of International Relations in Moscow. He has held this position with Vladimir Putin since 2012.

Jake Sullivan, formerly of Yale and Oxford, was vice president of Hillary Clinton, then Secretary of State and then Secretary of State. Policy planning, A laboratory for new ideas in diplomacy and international relations. He will be his diplomatic adviser during the 2016 presidential election against Donald Trump. Previously, when Obama was president, he was the US secret envoy to Iran on the nuclear issue.

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The two have already made several phone exchanges this month to defuse the crisis and avert the risk of an armed conflict, before starting their face-to-face talks in Geneva next month.

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