Russia and China accuse the UK of using cyborgs to “destroy” the West.

Dominic Robb calls on China to punish cybercriminals within its borders.

The British Foreign Secretary said on Wednesday that Beijing and Moscow were using cyber-attacks to “sabotage, steal and plunder” and “control and censor” their own citizens.

In a speech at Cyber ​​UK’s annual conference on Wednesday, Dominic Robb presented Great Britain to “dictatorial regimes” such as China, Russia, North Korea and Iran against the system of “democratic oversight and accountability”.

“We respect international law,” he said. “We use our capabilities to protect our citizens and to protect international cooperation as a force for good in the world, because our adversaries use their cyberbullying to steal, sabotage and destroy the international system.”

According to Rob, China has a responsibility to prosecute individuals who carry out cyber attacks, even if they have no ties to the government.

He warned Beijing that it “could not shake his hand and say he had nothing to do with it: even if it did not have direct contact with the government, it was responsible. These gangs, these people should be pursued, but not sheltered for them.”

Dominic Rob It lists several high-profile cyber attacks that Western states have experienced in recent months, including one that Microsoft reported in March against its transaction servers through a “government-funded group operating from China.”

According to the Foreign Minister, the attack is estimated to have compromised the security of at least 3,000 British organizations and many around the world.

Mr Robin’s speech comes as the UK prepares to strengthen its cyber security capabilities with new investments and new legislation to combat intelligence and prevent intellectual property theft, particularly in a context of concern over the actions of Russia and China.

The UK on Wednesday announced a $ 22 million allocation to develop cybersecurity in developing countries, with a particular focus on Africa and the Indo – Pacific – as part of a broader post – Brexit strategy aimed at deepening ties with these regions.

Part of this funding will support new Internet operations in countries such as Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Rwanda in collaboration with Interpol. Another portion of the money will be used to fund new cyber security grants, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Commonwealth and the Department of Development.

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