Russia: a military recruiter was shot dead

On Monday evening, the Russian authorities announced the killing of a Russian official responsible for military mobilization in Krasnodar (southwest), amid a recruitment campaign to fight in Ukraine.

The investigation committee said in a statement that the body of the 42-year-old man was found on Monday morning with “gunshot wounds” in one of the streets of this important city of one million people.

According to the same source, the man was the deputy mayor in charge of “mobilization operations” in the army in Krasnodar.

The investigation committee said that investigators are working to determine the identity of the perpetrator and the motive for the crime.

The state news agency TASS, relying on police sources, claimed that the victim’s name was Stanislav Ryetsky.

A Russian deputy and former Krasnodar mayor, Yevgeny Pervichov, claimed on Telegram that Stanislav Ryetsky served in the Russian Navy, commanding notably the submarine “Krasnodar”.

According to BAZA media, he was still a frigate captain and was wounded while running aground.

The Russian army has been carrying out a large-scale military recruitment campaign since April, widely publishing advertisements encouraging people to join the army with the promise of high salaries and social benefits.

The aim is to rebuild crumbling ranks on the Ukrainian front, without resorting to a new mobilization, an unpopular measure the Kremlin took in September after several setbacks.

Since the start of the offensive in Ukraine, which is indicative of a certain hostility to the conflict, dozens of people have been arrested and charged with setting fire to recruitment centers or wanting to set them on fire.

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