RTL TODAY – Leave it all and go: Who wants to take control of this pub on a quiet island?

We are looking for: Someone who has experience running a bar, enjoys solitude and is ready to serve by sitting on a throne and having a beer on his head. Do you like it?

A city council has started one of the UK’s most outlandish recruitment drives by finding a person who runs the Ship Inn on Piel Island, off the coast near Barrow-in-Furness, in northwest England.

The person in charge of the pub is crowned “King of Bill” (or queen?) in a ceremony that includes a rusty sword ending with buckets of beer poured over her head. Any guest sitting on the throne inadvertently must pay for the public tour.

Ten years of commitment

Barrow City Council is looking to recruit an owner, on a ten-year lease, in time for the season starting in April. In addition to managing the inn, the successful candidate will be expected to manage and maintain the island themselves.

Many people head to the island for birthday parties or for a few drinks before camping there overnight.

John Murphy has been leading trips to the island for nearly 40 years and says everyone who gets the job must be “extremely dedicated”.

You can’t go to Tesco to buy a loaf of bread when you are on Piel Island“He did not say.”You must be dedicated and have a great passion for solitude, peace and tranquility. Takes a special character“.

Mr. Murphy would like to do the job himself, but says he’s pretty old at 73. He entrusted the task of directing the walk to the island to younger legs, but he still intended it to be on Bill to tell his stories.

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I absolutely adore Belle Isle, and I adore its solitude. I also love that Barrow is still an industrial city and yet we have this beautiful and secluded island close at hand.“.

What do you think? Will you apply?

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