RTL 5minutes – January 12th: It’s International Red Hair Day

Whether it’s mahogany, venetian, copper or brown, red hair does not go unnoticed. Less than 2% of the world’s population is red and the highest concentration of red is in the UK.

13% of Britons have red hair and about 40% of the population carry the gene that causes red hair, he says independent. Ireland and Scotland have a greater focus.

Red hair is caused by the MC1R gene, which has a mutation. Along with the idea that redheads are sometimes credited with superpowers, that their bodies smell different and that their burning hair has often been linked to evil throughout history, carriers of this gene are said to need less vitamin D than others. In any case, being red is marginal enough that it attracts attention and sometimes ridicule.

Redheads have their festival every year in the Netherlands in September. It’s because of a blond painter. Hey yeah, nothing is perfect… He was looking for redhead models The nominations were so many that he did not want to offend anyone.

The history of the restoration of these grievances, here is the International Day of Redheads. This day, however, is pure fantasy. It originated from the popular satirical cartoon South Park, whose creators called “Kick a Ginger Day” (Kick a redhead’s ass) …

However, not everyone feels second-class and some have felt invested in a mission in that direction. Fortunately, the joke “Kiss a Ginger Day” was released on social networks in response to this schoolboy joke (Embrassez un roux).

It’s another world day, and it serves no purpose other than to make people smile. And I’m still a little prettier with redheads! For kisses, we’ll wait a little longer.

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