Royal funeral: initiation of a well-prepared protocol

The death of Prince Philip, one of the prominent figures in the royal family, led to the implementation of a well-prepared protocol, called “Forth Bridge”, named after a bridge near the Scottish capital, plans that have been shaken by the Corona virus.

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The funeral of Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, will take place on Saturday 17 April at 3:00 pm local time in St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, where he died on Friday, about 40 kilometers west of London.

Plans for his funeral, which were supposed to be attended by 800 guests and included processions, were revised to avoid crowding, given the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus.

The coffin of Prince Philip, the former naval commander, will be covered by his headdress and his sword. It would be transported to St George’s Chapel in a specially modified Land Rover he helped design. A senior palace official said the Prince of Wales, heir to the throne and the royal family, would follow him on foot.

The ceremony will be broadcast, in the presence of the Archbishop of Canterbury, President of the Church of England. Residents were invited to remain silent for a minute at 3 pm.

A maximum of 30 people can attend the funeral, according to rules currently in force in England due to COVID-19. It is possible that Prince Philip and the Queen’s four children (Charles, Anne, Andrew, and Edward) and their spouses were present, along with his grandchildren and other relatives.

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This will be the case for Prince Harry, who lives in California after his devastating withdrawal from the monarchy a year ago. However, a mansion spokesperson said, his pregnant wife Megan would remain in the United States.

The expected simplicity of this funeral coincides with the character of the Duke of Edinburgh, who wanted to avoid a “great deal” from his burial, according to historians of the royal family.

However, it contrasts with the honors paid in the past to prominent members of the royal family.

Thus the coffin of Elizabeth II’s mother was unveiled in Westminster Hall, in the Parliament of London, after her death in 2002. About 200,000 people demonstrated to honor her memory, in a queue several kilometers away.

National mourning began on April 9, the day Prince Philip died, and will continue until the day of the funeral.

Official flags, including the Union Jack, will be raised until 8:00 a.m. the day after the funeral.

However, the royal standard located above the royal residence would continue to float to symbolize the continuity of the monarchy.

The royal family has entered two weeks of mourning, but some public engagements will continue.

“While this is of course a time of mourning and mourning for the royal family and many other people who knew or admired the Duke of Edinburgh, we hope that the coming days will also be seen as an occasion to celebrate a wonderful life.” Said a Buckingham Palace spokesperson.

To avoid the risk of contamination, the royal family asked the public not to approach royal residences such as Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle to place flowers there, but rather to donate to an association.

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A condolences book has also been posted on the Internet.

In honor of Prince Philip, the bells of Westminster Abbey rang, as his marriage to Elizabeth in 1947 was celebrated, 99 times on Friday evening.

On Saturday, 41 artillery rounds were fired at midday across the UK, and minutes of silence were repelled during sporting events, football matches and the Grand National Horse Racing.

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