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Ronnie O’Sullivan was getting into the spirit of Christmas in York…somehow (Photo:.)

Ronnie O’Sullivan was elated after winning the UK Championships over Michael White on Wednesday night, with the hope that Snooker Santa will arrive in York in the coming days.

The Rocket beat the Whites 6-3 in an impressive game that saw O’Sullivan open with a break of 139 and 131 in the first two frames, only for the Welshman to strike back 102 per second.

The duo obviously couldn’t maintain that level, but it was an entertaining match throughout, as the six-time world champions added a few more half centuries on their way to victory.

Before the match, O’Sullivan advised White to work on the mental side of the game, after the 30-year-old’s recent encounters that made him withdraw from the tour, but when asked about it, Rocket insisted on the fact that, in fact, he wasn’t interested.

“I don’t want to be involved in what other people are doing, I’m just here on vacation, having a good time,” he said after winning.

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If I get hit, I’ll be in the Eurosport studio, hit some balls, and go to Llandudno [for the Scottish Open] And have a great time there.

“I don’t really want to interfere, to be honest with you. I just don’t care.

Rocket may not be interested in talking about snooker, but he did talk a lot about his love for York, so what can he do on his few days off?

“Just good food,” he said. “Run nice, go to the gym, sit in cafes, relax, make some phone calls, send emails, maybe go to the gym again, and some good food. It’s not a bad life, I guess.”

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O’Sullivan looked in good shape as he booked his place in Round Two (Photo: .)

Will there be room for Rooney to watch teammate Jimmy White in a match against his former rival Ali Carter on Thursday? A match that will surely tickle the rocket’s interest.

“I told you my friend, I have no interest. Sorry to disappoint you,” he insisted.

“I love Jimmy but I’m not interested in snooker, what people do, what they do, and good luck to them.

“I hope they get everything Snooker Santa brings them, good luck.” “

O’Sullivan will be back this weekend when he faces Robbie Williams in the second round and we’ll see what Santa brought in.

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