Ron DeAntis wants to be Trump instead of Trump

It was only a matter of time, and that time was about to come. Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will officially launch his candidacy to host the 2024 US presidential election on Wednesday night during a live Twitter event with network owner Elon Musk. Several US media reported on Tuesday.

Thus, the launch of this campaign, which is expected for several days, will place the ultra-conservative politician, who pretends to be a defender of the movement in his southern state, at the center of another merciless confrontation with former US President Donald Trump in the Republican Party. Basic. a perilous duel, the outcome of which remains uncertain, several months before the race for the nomination.

It’s now or never for Ron DeSantis, who has lost significant political momentum in recent months and seen his popularity plummet in the polls, according to the analysis in an interview with duty Aubrey Jewett is Professor of Political Science at the University of Central Florida. The only way he now has to reverse this trend is to officially announce his candidacy and start sponsoring a campaign to say forcefully that he’s a better Republican candidate than Donald Trump. »

So Ron DeSantis opted for a powerfully provocative entry on the scene by showing himself alongside controversial businessman Elon Musk, who since last summer has regularly expressed positive opinions on the Florida gubernatorial candidacy. White House aspirants should continue to launch this campaign on Fox News, as part of another interview led by Trey Gowdy, former elected from South Carolina, according to the network. Fox News was a huge contributor to Donald Trump’s campaign in 2016, but since its defeat in 2020, it seems the network has distanced itself from the former reality TV star.

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Ron DeSantis a par la suite convié des donateurs dans un hotel de Miami mercredi soir, pour donner a autre coup d’envoi: Celui of the collection of visant fonds à nourrir the difficile campagne qu’il va devoir mener for se rendre jusqu’à White House.

A Florida governor’s victory is still possible

The Republican, who, since the defeat of Donald Trump in 2020, presented a natural successor to him, was waiting for the end of the legislative session in Florida, which ended on May 5, before jumping into the federal political arena.

“He has a shot at winning the Republican nomination,” said Aubrey Jewett. In recent months, he’s managed to get several conservative policies adopted in Florida on hot topics that resonate with Republican voters, including abortion, which was banned after six weeks, crackdowns targeting illegal immigration, and education checks and measures. that attacks the LGBTQ+ community and the flow of research on race, law, and power. »

And the political expert adds: “The governor of Florida has also succeeded in raising large sums of money that will allow him to continue his campaigns outside of Florida and convey his message to more Republican voters across the country.”

Controversial policies

The 44-year-old Republican is entering the race in a tense climate in his state, as he finds himself in conflict with the multinational Disney, which has been established since 1971 in the Orlando area. Last February, the governor decided to take back control of the Autonomous District at Walt Disney World, to punish the company for speaking out against its laws deemed discriminatory against homosexuals.

Fightback: The entertainment giant last week backed away from a major $1 billion investment that was supposed to create 2,000 jobs in Florida, while repeating its attacks on Ron DeSantis and his use of the machinery of government to damage multinational corporations and smooth running. of business in this state.

In a dramatic move, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People also issued a warning on Tuesday advising its members not to travel to Florida because of the governor’s anti-African-American policies.

Since taking office in 2019, Ron DeSantis has been distinguished for his attempts to limit access to the polls for African American voters through redrawing electoral maps, as well as creating special police targeting this community, which he accuses of contributing to massive voter turnout. Voting fraud. But the facts do not support these accusations.

This fellow populist has also come under fire from his own African American population since he attacked the free flow of ideas and books exposing racial tensions in the United States and cut off access to public funds for programs and schools that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.

“Ron DeSantis has taken a number of very conservative positions that could help him in the Republican primaries, but also, on the contrary, could hurt him in the general election,” says Aubrey Jewett, if he comes face to face with Joe Biden.

According to the latest soundings from Morning consultationDonald Trump still leads his party’s nomination race by 38 points over Ron DeAntis.

“A victory for the governor of Florida is still possible. This is not necessarily good news for Republicans, Mr. Jewett adds, as it risks dividing the party’s voters during the presidential election, many of whom remain closely associated with Donald Trump. There is also a risk that the former president will run as an independent, in the event Losing to DeSantis, which will facilitate a second victory for Joe Biden. »

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