Roller coaster is about to leave, Wembley destination!

In this unprecedented Euro organized in 11 countries, Wembley is now focused, more than any other stadium, on the hopes of the sixteen participants in the Round of 16, which was played from Saturday to Tuesday. But also the multiplying fears associated with the epidemic.

Manuel Locatelli and Italy starred in the group stage.


The legendary London stadium hosts two goals, Italy and Austria on Saturday, then a European classic match between England and Germany on Tuesday. And the fence shall always be the solemn stage for the semi-finals (July 6-7) and the final (July 11).

Despite growing doubts about the feasibility of ending the tournament in London due to the health situation in the UK, the British government showed its confidence and even increased the authorized load for the “Fourth Final” (60,000 spectators, against 40,000 spectators for the eighth). Join to raise rumors about a possible move to Budapest.

Roberto Mancini, the Italian coach, says he is happy to be back on the field where he has some bad memories – he lost the Champions League final to Sampdoria in 1992 against Barcelona – but also some good memories, such as the FA Cup final he won as a coach. Manchester City ten years ago.

The first flight of the Danes

Having shone at home, in Rome, during the first round without a particularly false note with a demonstration against Switzerland (3-0), the Nazis want to show on Saturday (9:00 pm) that he also knows how to travel. She is the favorite against Austria led by David Alaba, although the “Das Team” finished their first lap in the sprint.

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The European roller coaster will take place a few hours before Amsterdam (6pm) with the first eighth between Wales and Denmark. It’s also the first ride for the Danes to win their ticket at home in Copenhagen during the first run that looked like an emotional rollercoaster, between the great fear associated with the cardiac arrest of Christian Eriksen and a brilliant qualification. Match against Russia (4-1).

Lukaku vs Ronaldo

There will be no shortage of peaks for this “roller coaster”. For example, there will be a more than generous duel, Sunday evening in Seville at 9 pm, between Romelu Lukaku and Cristiano Ronaldo, head to head again after the matches in Italy for the top scorer title (won by stainless steel “CR7”.) .

To see Wembley and retain the title gained in 2016, Portugal faces a very uphill path: in the event of success against Belgium, one of the top candidates with his golden generation Hazard-De Bruyne-Lukaku, attractive Italy can wait in the quarters of Ronaldo & C, ahead of a possible half against France or Spain…

The second poster, set to be shown on Sunday, promises to be less attractive. The winner of their three group stage matches, the Netherlands will largely depart against the Czech Republic in Budapest (6pm). The orange team will face either Wales or Denmark in the quarter-finals.

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