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Roland-Garros eSeries by Banque Nationale de Paris Paribas, The biggest tournamentE Tenness Au Mondeo is back in its fourth edition. The top eight international players compete for a live grand final on the virtual clay court in Roland Garros. The eTennis tournament is staged on a video game basis Tennis World Tour 2 on the PS4. The event, which this year will again designate the international eTennis champion, will benefit from the support of Team MCES, a standard French sports club.

Le teaser du 4e Roland-Garros eSeries by BNP Paribas!

A stepping stone towards the esports career with support from the MCES team

Keep up with the latest releases Roland-Garros eSeries by National Bank of Paris, Paribas, The French Tennis Federation It has chosen a new concept that has been refocused around the esports ecosystem, by partnering with training programs in the field. By choosing to collaborate with institutions in seven countries, BNP Paribas’ Roland-Garros eSeries wishes to breathe life into the new ambitions of this competition and participate in coaching young athletes through a tournament that combines competition and education. Specific objective: To make the tournament a real stepping stone for participants towards a career in esports.

This year, MCES, a professional sports club, supports the Roland-Garros eTennis Championship as well as its participants. The club aims, in all its activities, to combine sport and sport. To do this, the MCES coaches its teams like high-profile athletes, in particular under the sporting leadership of Yannick Agnell, the French Olympic swimming champion. Hence, their participation strengthens the new site for competition within the esports ecosystem. The MCES team is also committed to developing amateur e-sports and democratizing discipline, particularly through training, sports and sports courses for youth.

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Roman Sombret, Founding Chair, MCES

“We have included sport in the DNA of MCES since its inception and today we are very happy and proud to be associated with an institution known as FFT, the symbol of performance and commitment. MCES’s mission is to connect universes and build bridges between sport and esports: we thank FFT and Roland-Garros for giving us this. The unique opportunity to reconfirm this website. He explains Roman Sombritt, The founding president of L. MCES Team. “We are impatient to publish this system and welcome the winner of the Roland-Garros eSeries by BNP Paribas 2021 to our professional team, to allow him to master his game and have an immersive experience!” All participants in the Grand Final will benefit from the advice of FFT and the MCES team for their future sports career during a dedicated workshop to be held at Roland-Garros.

Amelie Odia Castera, General Director of the French Tennis Federation

This fourth edition of BNP Paribas ‘Roland-Garros eSeries promises to be exciting. This year, we wanted to partner with organizations that offer esports training. Thanks to this new site, we hope BNP Paribas’ Roland-Garros eSeries will find their place. In the French and international esports ecosystem, while continuing to promote the practice of tennis and eTennis. We are proud to share this ambition with our partner BNP Paribas and Team MCES, and we look forward to the start of this new season. “, He explains Emily Odia CasteraDirector general French Tennis Federation.

Qualifications: Seven major sports schools and a public championship

The Roland-Garros eSeries series designed by BNP Paribas collaborates with 7 esports schools and universities recognized in France (Power House Games), In Spain (E-Squad Academy(And Italy)Sports Academy), in Belgium (PXL University of Applied Sciences), In Germany (Cologne eSports), in the UK (Staffordshire University(And Brazil)THE360) To organize qualifying tournaments between 14 and 22 April among their students.

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Each national champion will qualify directly for the Grand Final to be held at Roland Garros the day before the start of the main draw, on Saturday 29 May. VIIIe The finalist will be the winner of an online tournament open to the general public in mainland France, the final of which will be broadcast live on Twitch on Tuesday, April 27th.

The International Grand Final, broadcast live on Twitch, will be held during the Parisian Grand Slam, according to health measures related to the current situation. On this occasion, the finalists will share a cash prize of € 5,000. At the end of the tournament, the winner will only benefit from the exams at HumanFab, a research laboratory for the physical preparation of high-profile athletes and athletes, as well as a one-week intensive training course at the MCES gaming center in Marseille.

In France, the school that will designate the national champion is the Power House Gaming Academy (PHG), a gaming and esports training center established in 2015. The PHG Academy aims to make possible synergies between a passion for e-sports, gaming performance and professionalism. The organization has 9 branches spread throughout France. In Strasbourg, the center currently welcomes aspiring esports athletes in Fortnite, Valorant, League of Legends and FIFA.

“We are very excited to be involved with Power House Gaming at Roland-Garros eSeries by BNP Paribas 2021. Sport and esports are different but closely related, it is important for us to educate young people about these new esports practices. We have worked with Roland Garros on a project that shares this with us. A desire to move forward in the eSports Federation, with these shared values ​​of competition, performance and education, ”he explains Terence Figueiredo, Director general Power House Games.

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