Roland Garros | Novak Djokovic makes history with his 23rd title

Who is the greatest tennis player in history? There probably won’t be a good answer to this famous question, because it’s so subjective.

However, statistically speaking, the case is closed. Novak Djokovic won it 23H A major tournament on Sunday and stands alone at the top of men’s tennis history. And this is just the beginning.

The fates of Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer will be linked forever. All three would have a huge impact on their sport. The three would have showcased two decades of dominance, which has become both a franchise and a rivalry.

Thanks to this victory in the final over Casper Rudd, in three sets of 7-6, 6-3, 7-5, but Djokovic will move away from his biggest rival. Not only does he lead the race for Grand Slam titles, but he’s also the only one of the trio to win at least three times in each of the four Grand Slams. With its versatility, stability and longevity, it has proven why it is worth reclaiming the number one spot in the world once again.

Photo by Lizzie Neisner, Reuters

Casper Rudd and Novak Djokovic

“It’s no coincidence that I won my 23rdH Grand Slam title here,” he defined the champion in impeccable French, wearing a red Lacoste jacket that signified a somewhat ostentatious “23” painted with crocodiles. “In my entire career, it has been the hardest tournament to win. »

His demonstration at Court Philippe Chatrier, under the guidance of Tom Brady, Kylian Mbappe and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, was impressive. Ruud provided a more sustained opposition than expected, even suggesting, early in the match, that Djokovic might have his big moment stolen.

Rare are games that start at lunchtime and end when it’s time to make dinner. However, in the first round, the trend was favorable to such a scenario. The controversy was done in 82 minutes. in the like th Lord’s SupperThe picture was majestic. Like da Vinci, Djokovic managed to go down in history. Two geniuses, two free spirits, and a complex artist, sometimes misunderstood, whose talent and magnificence will transcend time.

Image by Thomas Samson, AFP

Novak Djokovic has only contested seven tournaments this season, but he has won three of them.

In the first-set tiebreaker, Djokovic did not commit any unintentional errors. It was his sixth tiebreaker in two weeks. In the previous five, he had committed no unforced errors.

It took courage, and maybe a bit of experience, to react this way during the game’s most tense moments. Rod was almost blameless. His forehand was red-hot and his usually weaker backhand responded well. Only his first serve sometimes embarrassed him. However, it was never lowered. Not even intimidating. The two players produced one of the best rounds of the season. Until Djoker unlocks the device. And at that moment, Rod didn’t stand a chance.

Still in the loop

The future champion started his match badly. Trailing 3-0, he had his serve stolen from the start and caused eight negative fouls after just two games. He was confused, flat and unconvincing. He missed frivolous shots like a court wreck.

You have to give credit to Rod. The 24-year-old had done his homework. His plans were well worked out, his sequences well defined and his instinct served him. His signature forehand worked like a charm and his opponent was overwhelmed. You might be a little surprised by such opposition.

However, to overcome the tenor of Djokovic’s enormity, more than three sets, to be enough to overcome his loss. You must be exceptional, exceptional. In fact, you have to be perfect.

Rudd wasn’t, and it backfired. Once Djoku saw the breakthrough, he was unstoppable. By the end of the second set, for a while, he had won 20 of the last 25 rounds.

The Serb had all his potential. Solid in serving, versatile in the forehand and tactically brilliant. The number of 15 match winners and the ratio of 15 to 17 points won on the first serve in the second set should be sufficient arguments.

Photo by Clauda Kilquin, Reuters

With his versatility, consistency, and longevity, Novak Djokovic has proven why he deserves to regain the number one spot in the world once again.

The further the match progresses, the more comfortable the Serb is. He won the long exchanges, as well as making his opponent hit with two or three strikes.

In the third round, more closely contested than the second, Djoko Rude broke first. He broke it at 5-5, on the way to 23H victory.

“Another day, another record for you, Ruud fired in the direction of the winner after the meeting. You still find a way to rewrite the history of tennis. It’s hard to find the words to explain all this success. You are an inspiration to so many people around the world.”


Rudd lost for the third time in his career in a major championship final. Unfortunately for him, the context was never in his favor. Last year, he faced Rafael Nadal, the greatest clay court player in history, at Roland Garros.

A few months later, he faced Carlos Alcaraz, the sensation of the moment and the best player in the world, in the final of the US Open.

Then, on Sunday, he was a privileged witness to history.

His time will come, though. The fourth racket in the world has a lot of potential to end his career empty-handed. Statistically, he’s been the best player on the planet on clay since 2020. When Nadal and Djokovic are officially no longer in the picture, we can expect to see him shine in turn.

Photo by Julian De Rosa, AFP

Casper Rudd lost for the third time in his career in a major championship final.

“You’re one of the best people in the ring. It’s important in today’s world that you maintain your good values,” Djoko told him in the middle of his nearly 10-minute thank you. “I’m sorry for today’s result. You have been one of the most consistent players in recent years. […] I hope you beat everyone but me! »

For Djokovic, the quest is far from over. start. Now that he has 23 titles in his pocket, two more accomplishments are within his reach.

First, win the Grand Slam calendar. This means winning all major tournaments during the same season. Such a feat had not been achieved since 1969. With the first two tournaments of the season approaching, Wimbledon and the US Open were in his sights.

Then he will certainly want to climb to the first place in history for the number of major titles, regardless of gender. He is now tied with Serena Williams and the final record belongs to Margaret Court, with a score of 24.

If he can achieve both of these feats, the debate over who is the best player in history will become somewhat more straightforward.

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