Rocco Pacioni, Belair de Porecentiel

We don’t think too much about the future: next March 13th, Rocco Pacioni will be in front of his screen to attend the famous “Crunch”, the rugby meeting between England and France. Not just because the Puressentiel CEO loves the oval ball.

But also because this natural health laboratory with 220 people for 110 million euros in 2020 became one of the official XV partners of France for four years. And in the process, she provides her players with a water-alcoholic gel, caring for joints …

To tell the truth, the 32-year-old businessman is above all fond of extreme skiing or even boxing, a hobby brought from London where he lived for three years.

South Korea, Italy, UK, Singapore … the former ESCE student wanted to discover new heights very early on. “Since some dream of becoming a soccer player, my project was to do it abroad.”Armed with a joint master’s degree in Centrale and EM Lyon, the CEO confirms. Drive this strange for everything? Travel and meetups to gather ideas and immerse yourself in different cultures.

Dante’s language

When his parents Marco and Isabel Pacioni offered him in 2010 to join the family business, he didn’t hesitate for a second. At that time, Puressentiel carried out all its activities in France, and almost nothing was at the international level. Mount Everest that hardly frightens their 22-year-old son. It starts with the more accessible French-speaking countries, then develops Italy where a subsidiary has just been set up. Like the rest of his family, Rocco holds dual French and Italian citizenship and speaks Dante’s language fluently.

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Since then, other subsidiaries have sprung up from Switzerland to Canada. In regions more complex to approach, such as Asia or the Middle East, this ensures that French SMEs rely on partner distributors who know the intricacies of the country. And it works. “We are now present in 100 countries with 50 distributors and 10 subsidiaries,” He says the eldest of three children, and himself a little father.

In the Pacchioni family, the distribution of roles is as evident as in the well-stocked American series: father heads the group, mother, daughter of a naturopath and herbalist, oversees the creation of the products and Rocco leads the entire operational process part. “My parents, who have an entrepreneurial spirit, left me a lot of freedom, Analyse. It must be said that when it arrived, the company was relatively young. Much remains to be done. “

Adventurous family

Thirty went to a good school. “He belongs to a family of adventurers who dare to take risks. Says his friend Antoine Martin, co-founder of Zenly app. At his wedding, most of my testimony talk consisted of listing and introducing me to things I had never tried, like extreme skiing! “

Head hot on the slopes, so does Rocco Pacioni “leave it” To conquer a country. His method: to surround himself with experienced collaborators who, like himself, communicate in a direct and spontaneous manner. “We employ people who are natural in their way of being, who can easily adapt to circumstances and are passionate about their profession.”, He explains.

Under his leadership, exports now account for 40% of sales. The 50% goal isn’t too far away. In 2020, despite Covid-19, Rocco led the opening of the three Big Pieces : China, the United States, and Germany. In the first two, pandemic required, the launch was done in 100% digital via e-commerce platforms in particular. In China, treatments made in France are sold on the Taobao market with the help of influencers who are very active on social networks. With essential oils already entrenched in Chinese consumers, the potential appears promising. Due to health restrictions, who is “Traveling 200 days a year” Not in the field to pursue this strategic start. Frustrating for most of the Bachioni nomads

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