Robert Kennedy Jr. filed a complaint against the coalition media for misinformation

The son-in-law of slain US President “JFK” Robert Kennedy Jr. and other anti-vaccination activists have filed a lawsuit in the US against several media outlets to fight misinformation together.

The lawsuit, filed this week in federal court in Texas, alleges the media violated U.S. competition laws by creating an illegal agreement to censor dissenters.

It specifically targets the daily Washington Post, BBC and AP and Reuters agencies as members of the “Trusted News Initiative”.

AFP is a member of this partnership between major international media and digital platforms such as Facebook or Google, which aims to detect and prevent the spread of false information.

“Competition laws have a name for this type of + industrial partnership +: + group boycott +,” the plaintiffs write, alleging that the media entered into this agreement to “exclude” their competitors.

Because of this, publishers “have been censored, demonetized, pushed, strangled, pushed back into obscurity, and/or outright banned from platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn,” they write.

The initiative “excludes accurate and legitimate information to serve the economic interests of its members,” according to the complaint. In addition to Kennedy, can we still read the far-right media and doctors known for their anti-vaccination stances brought in?

They are calling for a jury trial to fix damages and bar them from continuing to work with the tech giant.

Robert Kennedy Jr., 68, is the son of former Democratic Justice Secretary and presidential candidate Robert Kennedy, who was assassinated in 1968, but also the nephew of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who was assassinated five years earlier.

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Since 2005, he has been spreading conspiracy theories about vaccines, specifically linking autism as one of their components.

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