Robert Hindi Frigard, fugitive fraudster and Netflix star, arrested in Belgium

His career ended in Saint-Bigard, near Brussels. Robert Hindi Frigard, 51, was arrested by Belgian police on Friday 2 September on board his Audi A3. A British citizen, a well-known fraud in England, Netflix has dedicated a documentary film entitled puppet masterhad been a fugitive for ten days: he was caught in Cruz where he was suspected of illegally raising beagles.

In the village of Vidaillat where he settled in 2015, Robert Hendy-Freegard called himself David Clifton. live with his girlfriend Sandra Clifton, met in early 2010. In a village of 180 people, the couple was upset: he was often absent, he regularly walked in the village but his partner never showed up. The British newspaper quoted their neighbors as saying that their living conditions were inappropriate Watchman. She is the mayor of the village, Martin Laportewho finally warned the gendarmerie: the couple raised about thirty beagles in their home illegally.

On August 25, the gendarmerie’s visit to the Briton’s home went somewhat wrong. When the officers called him to go to the gendarmerie, Robert Indian Frigard jumped into his Audi before fleeing, and rushed through the police. One of the gendarmes, holding on to the hood of the car for several meters, broke his nose in the fall.

Secret services and loyalty tests

Mr. Clifton’s failed arrest allowed the Fidelat family to learn the true identity of their neighbour. Born in 1971 in Drumpfield, Derbyshire, Robert Hendee-Frigaard began to mistrust young women in the 1990s. At that time, the Briton worked as a waiter and also worked at a car dealership. He tells the young women he meets that he is an agent of MI:6, British intelligence, and is using this position to establish his hold on them. The scammers privately make them think that they are threatened by the Irish Republican Army, the Irish Republican Army. It subjects them to “loyalty tests” and forces them to cut off contact with their families.

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He was tried for theft, fraud, breach of trust, and kidnapping, and was sentenced to life imprisonment after an eight-month trial. On appeal, his sentence was reduced to a few years in prison. Robert Indian Frigard found freedom in 2009. His bad habits.

In 2011, two years after his release, the fraudster found his new victim Sandra Clifton, a Briton he believes holds an important position in advertising. Little by little, the young woman is isolated from the rest of her family. Sandra Clifton, who lived secludedly in Creuse, only reconnected with her two children after the Netflix documentary aired.

Robert Indian Frigard appeared before a judge on Saturday in Belgium, and he may be charged with attempting to kill the police.

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