River and migrations in Yuma, a border town between the United States and Mexico

A municipality of 100,000 people, Yuma is known for its production of lettuce and its record amount of sunshine, which delights many Canadian tourists to escape their country’s harsh winters. It is an ideal border town: Colorado is a natural barrier between Mexico and the United States, and between California and Arizona.

Over the years, Yuma finds itself at the center of a debate that transcends itself: immigration. Colorado is nothing. Lowering river levels and damming the city’s gates have helped migrants from neighboring Mexico pass through.

5 of whiche Episode, Alexis Buson, reporter the cross In the United States, the Colorado takes us to the border between Donald Trump’s wall and the great riverside park – in a city that has always been a link and a barrier.

What would happen if one of America’s largest rivers disappeared? What are the economic, social, environmental and political consequences of this drying up? Can a river of this size be saved?

Once upon a time road trip Alexis visits elected officials, entrepreneurs, citizens, environmentalists, Native American tribes, and scientists to find the answers to these questions. Discover a new episode every Friday, all summer long.

The Colorado, the river that refuses to die The new season of “This is America,” brought to you by the podcast the crossIn partnership with the Information Site for the French in the United States, French morningand university program alliance (Columbia University, Ecole polytechnique, Sciences Po, Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne).

Written and Produced by: Alexis Buson. Editor-in-Chief: Fabienne Lemahieu. Producer: Celestine Albert-Stewart. Composition and Composition: Emmanuel Viau. Illustrations: Oliver Pales. Marketing: Lawrence Chabason.

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