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Remote mandatory work is coming to an end. After Labor Day, offices will open throughout Quebec. Some companies have taken the opportunity to completely rethink their spaces, such as SAP Canada, which will soon be set up in 16e And 17e Floors Place Ville Marie in Montreal.

Consequently, the German multinational enterprise software solutions company, which has just over 1,000 employees in the capital, will expand from two offices of 160,000 square meters.2 Into a new area of ​​66,000 square feet2.

If SAP can reduce its surface area by 60%, it’s because “the past 15 months have shown us how well our employees work from home,” explains Cindy Fagin, general manager of the multinational company in Canada.

The company will rely on many collaborative spaces, in order to come together for coffee or a get-together, rather than sitting desks.

Also get out of the designated places.

“We will give teams to task forces,” explains Ms. Fagin. It will be up to them to manage their space, as they will also have to decide who is working, where, and when.

Because SABB already has a policy of flexibility in working hours before the pandemic. But in September, “it will be flexible mode,” the general manager laughs.

And according to employee surveys, SAP expects people to work from home at least three days a week.

When the office opens, one team will be invited at a time to enter, to hold a small party and celebrate the occasion. “And we’ll keep adjusting the whole fall,” says Cindy Fagin.

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Not for anyone

In total for this report, Le Journal spoke to five companies with several hundred employees each. All of them will allow their talents to work from home after the pandemic in various ways.

“Yes, you can continue to accomplish tasks that can be done on your own from home,” says Normand Therrien, the senior president of the law firm Therrien Couture Joli-Cœur.

But we shouldn’t forget, among others, the young and the trainee, who desperately need to come to the office, even if it’s just to grow in the company, he says.

Or even those who don’t like working remotely. In SAP, “Those who really want will be able to come from 9 to 5 in the office Monday through FridayI Fagin.

Is all this possible?

In Quebec, we are somewhat optimistic about this mass return to offices.

“Companies should have a plan in this direction, adopt a remote work policy and notify their employees,” suggests Minister of Labor, Jean Bouillet.

On June 14th, Montreal will switch to Yellow Zone, then to Green Zone on June 28. “We encourage companies to make a gradual comeback from that point onwards, by wearing masks and by walking up to two meters,” Bollet says.

If the planning is good, he adds, it shouldn’t be a problem this fall. However, this return will not be possible until 75% of Quebecers 12 years of age or older receive their second dose of the vaccine, Jean Boullet recalls.

Some examples back to the office plan

  • 8th Quebec Treasury It has 375 employees, including 200 attorneys
  • 6 offices : Quebec, Montreal, Saint-Hyacint, Laval, Brossard, Sherbrooke
  • In Quebec City, Montreal and Brossard: new offices soon
  • First move to Montreal in October, 20,000 square feet of new space on the 20th floor of the 1100, René Levesque
  • The Telework Policy was introduced in September 2020
  • Mixed mode fall 2021: the bottom line two days a week in the office
  • There will be no more dedicated offices. It will be necessary to book before coming
  • Video game studio 400 employees
  • Three-story offices in Old Montreal
  • Flex program He announced to the staff last November
  • They can come to the office whenever they want
  • They can live anywhere in Quebec
  • We provide them with all necessary equipment
  • No intention of reducing office square footage though
  • Video game studio 500 employees
  • Offices on two floors in downtown Montreal
  • The employees manage their time by themselves
  • 75% It will be staff in mixed mode, with 3 days of remote work
  • there will be 50% Average people on site
  • A space reservation system will be established
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