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Written by Morgan Couturier

Developed in 2019, Ritchee is committed to developing an innovative wealth advisory service, accessible online since January 2021. Using artificial intelligence, Lyon says it’s ready to take a free appraisal…in 120 seconds.

“Run to us, Space Prince. Come and help us.” And so the Ritchee brand’s balances can be played, when it opens its office doors to the Grendizer and its metallic shape, the emblem of the house and the theme of every lust. A playful nod to this young company ready to “defend our land”. Or rather our heritage, because Ritchee holds the “future of mankind” well in her hands, a point she has sought to improve since her inception in 2019. To become rich, achieve your goal, this is how the goal is set from this start-up set by the Four, by Christelle BiganzulliAnd Thierry RenardAnd Fabien Meunier And Francois Jerome Beaulay. A team of serial entrepreneurs that the finance world wanted to bring together, unity is strength in the sometimes mysterious world of wealth management. Christelle Biganzulli and Thierry Renard have been associated with this battle for 15 years, but well aware, Ritchee’s creation called for a good dose of engineering. Also bold, the microcosm has long neglected the societal impact of its innovations. “We told everyone, ‘You can’t do that, but on May 4, 2020, we got Young Innovator status,’” says the co-founder. After promising some tax assistance on research and development, the startup can now go ahead and weave its web onto the web. It is an essential foundation for the success of its business plan.

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An ideal solution for young French and expats

“The Ritchee Project was born out of the observation that the children of our clients are very international, and very connected. These are the young people who will never cross the door of our company FIGEP (Financière Gestion Privée, editor’s note), in particular because they are waiting

Do any other relationship. So the idea was to say ‘let’s build the tool to deal with this 25-40 year old generation’. Ritchee comes next to provide a 100% digital tool combined with the possibility of calling experts on all issues”, as Thierry Renard depicts. It is thus a physical meeting point, but the heritage assessment was conducted without fail feedback in less than two minutes, according to the questions generated by intelligence All without paying a penny. The idea is to offer our brain juice for free and reach as many people as possible. We have tried to rethink the questions using our own algorithms, so that we only have useful information, and this is always linked to customer responses,” he said. Directors.

25 million euros in contracts signed in three months

Complexity becomes simple, and thus Ricci avoids many mysteries, and puts at the end of the investigation a simplified appraisal of about twenty pages, in which all the civic, financial, and heritage aspects are so discreetly enumerated. “We come to say what will lead, and what will not go, to guide the client towards such type of investments. From there, the client can build his investor risk profile, telling us if he is somewhat cautious or if he is looking for more dynamic investments He can then create a 100% digital investment funnel or contact a video conferencing expert,” continues Thierry Renard. Double-tracking demystifies today a practice often considered risky. So doubtful. “We copy complex things in a straightforward way. There are a lot of teaching methods,” adds her partner, a former teacher of tax law. A reassuring philosophy, in an environment where commissions are often subject to controversy. Relying on his formula of “knowing how to give in order to get,” Ritchie excludes herself from promoting “weird” or unintelligible products. The sale of dreams will wait. “We certainly earn less than others in absolute terms. But for us, reputation is very important,” we guarantee it. Life insurance for startups, such as those concluded with public roads, which today shows great potential. With €2.5m signings of placements in nearly 3 months, Ritchee is already surfing on a high base, while the app should see the light of day in the second half of the year. Enough to simplify retirement budgets, secure loans or real estate investments. As with Grendizer, failures are excluded. Here “the customer who comes we never lose”!

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