Revolutionary: Football and Formula 1 side by side with Tottenham!

Resolutely, since the Liberty Media takeover, Formula 1 continues to crack codes. And above all, openness to other classes and disciplines. Thus, after the merger with MotoGP, it is football that joins the first category in motorsport. This is through English club (English Premier League) Tottenham Hotspur.

F1 x Tottenham: an unprecedented project

With this 15-year agreement signed between F1 and Tottenham Hotspur, electric karting will be invited to the football field. This is thanks to the ultra-modern facilities that Tottenham Stadium has. The opening is scheduled for 2023 with two very distinct tracks planned for the programme. One for adults and one for children. But either way, they will be certified by the National Karting Association. In addition, other activities related to motorsports will be held under the southern stand of the respective stadium.

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