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In application for ten years, the PGEM in Moorea will bear fruit. It is observed even internationally.
The results are encouraging: Lake users have accepted this regulation and the lake’s resource has increased. “We believe that if we preserve all activities while trying to preserve everything that exists, then we believe that after the PGEM period of 15 years, we will achieve good results,” says Claude Teue, a representative of Tifaro Hunters.

However, shortcomings were noted. In 13 years, no report of non-compliance with regulations has been made. The municipality is not competent in this matter. “The municipality does not actually have jurisdiction. It is up to the country and the state to get the jurisdiction. PGEM is a kind of pantry for us, for our residents. We work so much on it, why? We think about the future of our children, protect our lakes, protect the environment. It is very important to us. For our inhabitants and for our fishermen. “ Mayor Evans Homani said.

Changes to the PGEM are required. “Today we are proposing to Clem (Local Maritime Space Commission, Editor’s Note) that this Standing Committee become a Maritime Space Administration Committee with real power to propose actions, implement actions to achieve the eight goals set out in the PGEM. For example, preserve the coast, and ensure that fishing is Tourism are activities that are carried out in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner. There is of course awareness and communication so that PGEM values ​​are shared. There is a whole set of goals, and for this we have to define our strategy.Terina Hargos, deputy director of technical services for the city, explains.

The project, along with all collected opinions and observations, will be submitted back to the local Maritime Space Committee, and then to the Cabinet for approval.

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