Review course while enjoying Espace jeunesse Val Fleury Meudon Monday 15 February 2021

Midoun-Val-Fleury Youth Center Midoun

Review course while enjoying Espace jeunesse Val Fleury, February 15, 2021 – February 15, 2021, Meudon.

Review course while having fun
From Monday 15 February to Friday 19 February at Espace jeunesse Val Fleury
Reviews and extracurricular learning while having fun

### Fruitful but enjoyable vacations

* ** Monday: “Netflix” & Learning **. Our youth advisors will be offering to watch an excerpt from the (Friends, Brooklyn 99) series in English !!! This will be followed by a quick exchange of understanding and teamwork on oral expression in English.
* ** Tuesday and Wednesday ** ** Incollables I and II **. Clémence and Mathilde will offer young people the opportunity to work in groups around a historical topic that has repercussions in our current society (for example: the Cuba crisis). Target ? To find and develop a review paper using suggested documents and understanding the past in order to explain the present. ** On Wednesdays, a paragraph will be submitted to the oral address ** to work on public speaking (for young people not present on Tuesdays, forms will already be prepared).
* ** Thursday ** ** Public Speaking **. How to use the word and enrich discussions? By working on the sales land! Initially, Mathilde and Clemens will give young people some arguments about the art of always being right about Schopenhauer. Second, young people will be able to test themselves in this art on topics suitable for open discussion (eg the environment).
* ** Friday: Tik Tok is a civilization **. Clémence and Mathilde will suggest translating a song into Spanish and / or English and then work with the youth on grammar study. Finally, if they wished, they could dance like a tik tok.
* **. Young people can register for one or more workshops as they like. **
From € 6 to € 30 for the entire course or daily rate / 5 – depending on the effort rate
Learning every day while having fun

Val Fleury Youth Center 2 rue de Gremitis 92190 Meudon Meudon Fleury

Starting and ending dates and times (year – month – day – hour):
2021-02-15T10: 00: 00 2021-02-15T12: 30: 00; 2021-02-16T10: 00: 00 2021-02-16T12: 30: 00; 2021-02-17T10: 00: 00 2021-02 -17T12: 30: 00; 2021-02-18T10: 00: 00 2021-02-18T12: 30: 00; 2021-02-19T10: 00: 00 2021-02-19T12: 30: 00

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