Returning from America, Reunionese climbing champions resume training

Gold, silver and bronze medals in speed: the climbing world championships were synonymous with the commitment to youth from Reunion. Back on the island, they have already started training.

“You become a champion with work, practice and desireManon Lebon secures speed gold medal at U18 World Championships Even if it’s hard, but the training is rewarding, stay motivated.”

The Speed ​​Climbing World Championships were held in Dallas, USA on 27th and 28th August. Again, Reunion shone with four medals, including two golds, for Manon Lebon and Max Bertone who took first place in the U16 Difficulty Climb.

Watch the report from Réunion La 1ère:

Not quite back from Dallas, the Reunionese champions are back in the gym at Lee Tampon University’s gymnasium. For them, work never stops, because the results obtained in youth competitions are actually a step towards their final product.

“The Olympic dream is the dream of all great athletes. Reunion’s climbing pole coach acknowledges Philippe Gaboriad. They don’t just plan “young” decisions, it’s part of the journey, and maybe their lives will take them further.”.

From the first interactions with the obstacles of the climbing walls, according to Philippe Gaboriat, each other’s abilities can be detected. Athletic qualities, motivation, ability to understand difficulties are certainly important, but more are required. Motivation and hard work are essential.

“I started climbing at the age of 7, when I climb, a part of me is released, I go to another world, I love”says Maélane Villedieu, bronze medalist at the U16 World Championships.

“I do wall training five times a week and one or two specific muscle strengthening exercises, almost every day,” U18 World Championship silver medalist Marius Payet-Gaboriat explains.

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That’s what a coach at the Climbing Faith Center in Reunion wants to keep athletes in their family, community and school environments, keeping them balanced and working hard.

“Boys start at clubs, they train well at Reunion, and when they start to excel at national level, it’s really important to keep them in their family and school environment. Reunion’s climbing pole coach Philippe Gaboriat promises. This confirms their construction. Having an organization that welcomes them here is an element of success, and that’s what we’re banking on.”

The Champions Factory is doing well at the reunion. Behind the great Orion Bertone, the next generation is set to raise the Reunion’s colors even further.

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