Return to the gaming smartphone industry

For those of us who actually worked in this field some years ago, It’s impossible to talk about the Nokia G10 without looking back and remembering the hapless N-Gage, Which can be defined to those who do not know as a great idea and a terrible implementation. This terminal aims to combine, as of 2003, the best of both worlds: increasingly powerful mobile phones with operating systems such as Symbian, which have allowed installation of applications, with mobile game consoles. But they were still desired by many.

With N-Gage, Nokia was way ahead of smartphones for gaming, but unfortunately The execution was … well, that was horrible. So much so that after a few years, Nokia decided to end this product line, and the remaining memory persisted until now, as all these years appeared in multiple lists dedicated to the worst phones, the worst controllers, and the worst combinations of technology … it might seem like we are judging very hard, but the truth is that it was A disaster, there was nowhere to be caught. The future Nokia G10 should be salvation.

Not much is known at the moment, yes, about this device that Nokia will try to jump into the niche of smartphones specially designed for games, with the aim of competing with other models such as the Asus ROG Phone, the Black Shark and a few others. And as we can read in, it gives the feeling that Either the dropout data is wrong or the Finns aren’t aiming for very high goals, At least for the first generation Nokia G10.

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More precisely, we can read that he will have 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storageReasonable values ​​for a mid-range smartphone, but pale compared to those of a device that will be called up to competition. In other words, we will talk about a smartphone that, in terms of performance, will be in the same segment as any general mid-range smartphone. Therefore, it is possible to believe that the differential factor for the Nokia G10 is its design and / or customization of the operating system.

Nokia G10: the return to the gaming smartphone industry

However, it seems unlikely that Nokia will work on any specific smartphone customization that does not seem to be a high bet, given its possible specifications. The information also indicates that the Nokia G10 may contain the Octacore SoC anonymous, 48MP quad rear camera and 6.4 inch screen. Once again … it looks like we’re talking about a mid-range smartphone, not games.

It seems, yes, the Nokia G10 will not take long to hit the market, although we do not know the price and whether it will do so globally or only in certain regions. And I don’t know, but if these specifications are confirmed, and if they want to sell it as a gaming smartphone, then I think it will only be appropriate in emerging markets, as there will not be other models like the ones mentioned above also many. Set. Otherwise, if your reach is global and intend to compete in the gaming market, I’m afraid Nokia won’t come out of the hole it got into with the N-Gage. And that would be a shame.

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