Return: PS5 Exclusive presents its story in a new trailer

Just over a month before its release, Housemarque reveals more about the story of Returnal, his next game to be released exclusively on PS5, with a new trailer commented by Greg Louden, the game’s narrative designer.

While we should have been able to get it in just two short days, last month we learned about it The right of return will finally be released on April 30th. Allow enough extra time for the studio to improve on the last details of the game, which we were already able to get A complete overview of the combat system and gameplay The past few weeks. Today, a new element in the title has been introduced by Housemarque via the new trailer: Her Screenplay. It is described as ” Bold “ Written by Greg Louden, narrative designer, Returnal’s story will put us in Celine’s responsibility, ‘Complicated and delicate character’ It has Greek origins.

Celine, the heroine of Returnal

While assuming his duties as scout for Astra, the latter disobeyed orders and pledged An unauthorized reconnaissance mission of the exotic planet Atropus. In pursuit of the sign of “White Shadow,” she discovers the ruins of an extraterrestrial civilization … in addition to a multitude of hostile creatures and other dangers. As it was presented before, Her goal will be to explore her environment for clues and information regarding her quest, knowing that each death brings her back to her starting point: the cockpit of the ship in which she crashed.. And every time the personality of the world around him changes, which complicates his achievement.

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Ceylon Loden, Goal back is “Tell a mysterious and disturbing story that offers several levels of interpretation.”. Hence, every in-game environment has been thought of as “A special place full of new creatures, new story elements, and much more”. As a narrative element, Atropos will provide the possibility for players to get their hands on it xenoarchives, stereoscopic visual elements to be interpreted, and xenoglyphs to be deciphered Thanks to the lexical parts to be found. Likewise, Celine corpses It may contain a projection of the death of another player (Thanks [au] Online) or voice recognition records […] She does not remember that she recorded “.


In this, Housemarque’s title will introduce a certain collaborative dimension in that sense It will be possible to discover predictions created by the death of other players to progress. For the narrative designer, all of these elements make a return “A story about self-discovery, progress, and the cycles we lock ourselves in and how to break them”. As a reminder, it will be a third-person action game based on a powerful science fiction dimension, and made up of evil-like elements. And to wait for the title to be released, you can always take advantage of itPSN Card worth 50 € at a reduced price thanks to Eneba.

Credit: PlayStation Blog

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