Restoring digital trust in cyberspace

The Minister of Communication Technologies, Nizar Ben Naji, revealed that restoring digital confidence in cyberspace (cyberspace) in Tunisia goes through ten levels related to the recognition of digital content to ensure rapid interaction with cyber developments.

His son intervened at the cours of the Sommet mondial on the Société of the Information Forum 2023 (Suisse), in the initiative of the Union Internationale des Telecommunications in collaboration with UNESCO and the UN Program of Nations for development with participation The CNUCED (Conférence des nations unies sur le commerce et le development), the ministre a souligné que le renforcement de la securité cybernétique, la protection des données and des infrastructures numériques constituent une condition sine qua non for the realization of the development of economic and social dans Countries.

He indicated that Tunisia is working on setting up a number of programs within the framework of the digital strategy to ensure cyber security in the country, according to a press release issued by the Ministry of Communication Technologies on Wednesday.

The official listed the different aspects on which digital trust is based in the cyberspace in Tunisia, which serve to recognize at the level of legislative texts digital content and documents.

Tunisia also focuses on regulating national cloud computing, securing recourse to the management of information systems, developing and guaranteeing recognized electronic services and protecting the consumer of electronic services as well as ensuring all their rights, in addition to rapid interaction with cyber developments in order to ensure continuity of services.

Digital trust requires digital security of systems and networks and adherence to periodic audits, with an additional effort to enhance communication, spread a digital culture and trust, and improve the level of awareness of the dangers of cyber threats and be careful when using electronic services and interacting in cyberspace, according to the same source.

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