Responsible Impact: Effinity joins UMICC

Digital acquisition advisory agency Effinity is a member of the Influencers and Content Creators Association (UMICC).

With this merger, the agency wishes to confirm the responsible approach it has adopted since the launch of the Influence Show in 2015, by being one of the first members of the consortium.

“We are very proud to be able to be actively involved in organizing a sector that has been particularly turned upside down in recent months, and which should earn its own Peerage Letters. We want to act collectively, while continuing the work we have been doing every day since the launch of the Influence special us, which is, in particular, to support influencers so that they can provide the most responsible content that aligns with our customers’ values.” Christopher BosquetChief of Eventy.

Created last January, UMICC is a professional federation that brings together all players in the influence sector, from influencer agencies to content creators. Its ambition is to bring the interests of its members into stakeholders, by working towards developing a more responsible impact.

It should also be remembered that at the beginning of March, My field is cold She also launched her own Federation of Influencers and Content Creators (FICC).

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