Residents of the nursing home participate in the fight against breast cancer

On the occasion of Pink October, residents of the Anna Quinquand nursing home in Guéret are taking several measures in order to prevent breast cancer. The residence halls are decorated with pink emblems Residents also participated in the creation of a brooch made by Creuse “Enchanted Bow”. This tree of life brooch is intended to send the wearer a message of hope regarding illness.

freedom of expression

But on a larger scale, this work, overseen by Anna Quinquaud’s housing teams, was a way to liberate the voices of women whose bodies and heads had been marked with breast cancer. Some are still sick, others are in remission. Their stories are displayed in pink on a wall in the living room of the nursing home. “I didn’t have time to realize it. I had the operation the same morning. I had my entire breast removed. A few years later, I decided to have a reconstruction but it failed. The technology wasn’t ready at the time.” Madame C, 79 years old.

intergenerational dialogue

Raymond Trophy lived his time. This resident has never had breast cancer but She remembers how little was known about the disease when she was younger. “When we had something, we went to see the family doctor. The gynecologist was less common”, you remember. “Our parents didn’t tell us any of this. It was covert work.”. So Raymonde Truffy has a message for the younger generations: “Get a test”. On October 7, a discussion time was organized with midwives in particular for an introduction to the self-examination.

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