Republicans Will Accept US Election Results, Their President Assures

The head of the Conservative Party confirmed Sunday that Republican candidates in the US midterm elections on November 8 will accept the results of the poll, whether they win or lose.

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As a wave of protest by Republicans led by former President Donald Trump threatens to disrupt Tuesday’s vote, party leader Rona McDaniel also said she was confident of conservative “good momentum” to move Congress to the right.

For two years, President Joe Biden’s Democrats had a slim majority in the House and one majority, Vice President Kamala Harris, voted in the Senate.

Republican candidates in both houses in Washington as well as on all local ballots, including the election of state governors, “want to make sure the race is fair and transparent so we can let the process unfold, and then we’ll accept the results,” Rona McDaniel confirmed on CNN.

Reiterating that Republican candidates – winners or losers – will honor the vote of the ballot box on Tuesday night, the party leader thus contradicted a number of statements by leaders close to their hero Donald Trump, who never acknowledged his defeat in November. 2020 presidential election

For example, Arizona’s governor candidate, Carrie Lake, declined to say she would respect the outcome in the event of a loss to her Democratic opponent in the divided southern US state.

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The same in Wisconsin (North), where outgoing Republican Senator Ron Johnson did not say he would bow in the event of defeat to Democrat Mandela Barnes.

According to the Democratic Camp and analysts, there will be about 300 Republican candidates ready to compete in the results of the national and local elections on Tuesday night.

In response to a question about people monitoring certain polling places, she emphasized that “no one should intimidate voters”, while defending the right to monitor the electoral process.

Polls predict a clear victory in the House of Representatives for Republicans who can also regain control of the Senate.

Joe Biden and his predecessor Barack Obama urged their voters to mobilize in defense of “democracy” on Saturday in Pennsylvania. In the face of these, former President Donald Trump, who dreams of revenge in the 2024 presidential election, urged his supporters to vote in the legislative elections to create a “giant wave” for Republicans and “save the American dream.”

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