Reproduction of the epidemic in the United Kingdom with delta variation



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In the United Kingdom, the delta variant represents 90% pollution, as of Thursday, June 24th. There have been 16,703 new Govt cases reported in the last 24 hours, a record since February.

It’s a fast-paced race across the UK: vaccine without age requirement on the one hand, and the delta variant of Govit-19 on the other. Players are stopped for house-to-house test campaigns. The strain, more contagious, is spreading at a frantic rate because it appeared to be in full swing, while the vaccine campaign, no matter how fast, is far from over. Young people who do not inject are also more polluted.

Boris Johnson called for more appointments to be made quickly. More than 60% of adults have two doses and 83% have a single dose, we get, but it is important that people continue to get a second injection“, He explained. Face Variation Delta, Two Dose Pfizer and AstraZeneca provide 96% and 92% protection against hospitalization. More than ever, vaccination with two doses for the entire population will be more important to get out of the crisis.

Epidemic monitoring on the British government website

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