“Reparation and Reconciliation”: Kodeko is more political than decision-making

Thursday’s advisory panel will be interested in politics: With Crowe in the lead, we will above all repair the damage after clashing with culture and public opinion, as well as reconcile with experts, as well as gauge a good wave.

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cIt could be a general message: “Reparation and reconciliation.” Thursday’s advisory committee has above all this ecumenical function: to repair the damage after the wave of protest caused by the decision, ten days ago, to close the culture (and then reopen it on the order of the State Council), to reconcile officials, politicians, experts and with them public opinion and disseminate messages of prevention . Alexandre de Croo embarks on a connection process in the noble sense of the term. Legally speaking, the Prime Minister, Papa Kodeko somewhat, wants to turn the page on 2021, the serious year that ended with the most total confusion, to open a new year, 2022, under better auspices.

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