reorg. The Gallini complex opens the new sports wellness and health district

On Saturday morning, elected officials from the district inaugurated the new Sports Health and Welfare Area at the entrance to the Gallieni Sports Park, along with existing user associations to test the equipment.

At an altitude of 1,600 meters in free access, this equipment meets the need to make the complex more attractive, while facilitating access to the largest number of independent sports practices and material benefits carrier. It is also part of a preventive approach in terms of public health and sustainable development.

This development plan is the result of the consultation phase.

Five sports areas are designated for different age groups of the public and different levels of exercise. Thus, there is an area for children with trampolines and balance toys, and a fitness and fitness area with guided equipment and assisted exercises (elliptical trainers, rowers, etc.). But also a dedicated cross-training area with an 8-sided exercise station, steps and a cadence meter, a dedicated street workout area with a built-in unit, an abdominal bench, parallel bars accessible for people with disabilities, push-up bars and a column of bases, not to mention an area Relaxation with furniture (tables and chairs).

“This development plan is the result of a phase of consultation between elected officials, university students and user clubs, including ‘association experts’ that made it possible to define in detail the redesign of the park that surrounds us,” welcomed Eric Michaud, deputy delegate for community life and sport.

It also makes it possible to rehabilitate an area formerly planted with poplars a few years ago, the felling of which was necessary for safety reasons. Also, an important place was given to re-vegetation and rainwater infiltration. Planting trees will provide shaded areas for users and help combat heat islands.

The construction of this equipment will be completed, starting from September, with the help of sports activities carried out by CCAS.

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