Rennes: Opening a space presented as the first “Instagram Hotspot” in France

Influencer Anaïs Soulas recently opened a selfie studio near Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine), a place to take photos and record her videos for social media.

Badges are renewed regularly

The concept was created by influencer selfie studio Anais Solas, a former construction worker. The young woman recently launched Story Time nearby reindeer (Ille-et-Vilaine), space, introduced as first “Instagram place” from France. With its original decoration, the place was specially designed Personal Photos By hosting short photo sessions and videos for social media. To make a good impression, the decorations are regularly renewed to commemorate a specific event, reports Parisian.

Trends on Instagram and Pinterest have inspired me

This studio is in Personal Photos Contains ten chests decorated by different themes: beach, bubble bath and pink walls, kawaii room, upside down room, contemporary art, Harry Potter. To create this universe destined to shine on social networks, the influencer was inspired by a concept born in the United States. “Today, many people want beautiful decorations to feed their social networks. To build them, I’ve been inspired by trends on Instagram and Pinterest and poll my community”I explained.

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