Renault Espace is not dead!

after being announced The imminent shutdown of production at Espace 5H by nameRenault is retracing its steps: the illustrious model is not dead, far from it! to blow out 40 candles for the concept introduced in 1983, Void She will rise from her ashes for 6H Obstetrics. However, it will take the form of a large SUV with optional 7 seats.

well-known platform

Admittedly, it won’t be a minivan with unparalleled habitability and modularity, but Renault promises us, on the other hand, that it will be comfortable, innovative and top of the range. We ask to see, especially since the manufacturer has already formalized the fact that this new Espace will be based on the brand’s CMF-CD platform, the one currently under Australian.

imminent offer

Finally, except for its platform and the distinctive “E” badge indicating that it will be at least electrified, we don’t know much about this 6H Obstetrics. We’ll have to wait for the spring and its official presentation to find out more about it.

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