Release date revealed, game will be available on PS5

The new version of Football Manager will be released on November 8, 2022 on all major platforms (PC, Xbox, PS5). With a new announcement for the first time: the official attendance of the UEFA Champions League.

For the first time, master tactics experts will be able to play it on PlayStation. Football Manager 2023 It will be officially available from November 8, 2022 on PC and Mac through Steam and Epic Games, but also with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscription offer.

The same schedule has been set for FM23 console, which will be released not only on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, but also on PlayStation 5. This is the first time Sports Interactive and Sega have brought the game to a Sony console. Football Manager 2023 Mobile It will be released on the same date on Android and iOS.

“Fans have been asking PlayStation title productions for a number of years, so I am thrilled that these players now have the opportunity to experience the closest thing to being a true director of football,” said Myles Jacobson, Director of Sports. Interactive studio, stated in a press release that was not broadcast on social networks due to news about Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.

UEFA licenses added

As is the case every year, the soccer training simulation will be playable on PC several days before the official release date. Pre-orders will give access to the beta version of the game approximately two weeks in advance.

At the moment, only one new content has been announced. For the first time, the game will be equipped with UEFA competition licenses with special logos for the Champions League, European League and European League Conference.

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