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Who said you need dialogue to create a great character? Not only is Aardman Animations, the British studio that introduced the world to Gromit, the silent but highly expressive and often anxious dog who has accompanied his master, inventor Wallace, on all sorts of silly adventures.

The 1995 Academy Award-winning animated short “A Close Shave” spawned another modern comedy icon who doesn’t talk: Shaun, a mischievous sheep who proved so popular that he “starred in his television series for six seasons. .

Sean also starred in two feature films, the first of which was simply titled “Shaun the Sheep Film” and the second with the wonderful title “Shaun the Sheep Film: Farmageddon”. He’s getting his winter break called Shaun the Sheep: The Journey Before Christmas. Here’s what we know so far.

Shaun the Sheep: The Journey Before Christmas release date and where to watch it

shaun the sheep

“Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas” arrives on Netflix on December 3, 2021. It is one of two projects from Aardman Animations scheduled to hit the streaming giant by the end of the year, with the short film “Robin Robin” (coming out before less than two weeks, on November 24).

The partnership between Aardman and Netflix began with “Farmageddon,” which was originally set to hit theaters in the US (thanks to Lionsgate) before being sold to the broadcaster. Netflix also acquired the exclusive rights to Aardman’s “Chicken Run 2,” the upcoming sequel to the studio’s first animated feature (in honor of “The Great Escape” about a flock of chickens trying to avoid being turned into pies). While it’s good to know that Aardman fans in the US will continue to get their act together thanks to Netflix, it’s also a bittersweet reminder that the studio’s films have seen more and more comebacks. Despite the constant positive reviews.

What is Shaun the Sheep: The Journey Before Christmas?

shaun the sheep

According to the synopsis, “Shaun the Sheep: The Journey Before Christmas” shows Shaun and his fellow farm animals preparing for winter vacation. However, “Season’s seasonal excitement turns to dread when a raid on the farm for larger stockings for the herd inadvertently leads to Timmy’s disappearance,” leaving Shaun scrambling to get him back before it “can’t become someone else’s gift.” (Timmy, for those unaware, is the smallest sheep in Shaun’s flock, as well as his biggest troublemaker.) Expect lessons on the true meaning of Christmas and all that will follow.

Interestingly, “The Journey Before Christmas” was originally called “A Winter Story from Shaun the Sheep” when Ardman announced the special in February 2020. Perhaps to avoid making it look like it is. This is a reinterpretation of William Shakespeare’s “Winter Tale” featuring Shaun the Sheep (as cool as it sounds), Aardman has since chosen a different but equally strange title for the project.

Shaun the Sheep: The Journey Before Christmas: Director, Writers, and More

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Steve Cox will direct “Shaun the Sheep: The Journey Before Christmas,” having directed a few episodes of the sixth season of the TV series “Shaun the Sheep,” “Shaun the Sheep: Adventures of Mossie Bottom,” and served as an actor hosting animated feature films. “Pirate!” The Band of Misfits”, “Early Man” and “Shaun the Sheep.” Cox works from a screenplay by Giles Bilbro (another veteran of the TV series “Shaun the Sheep”), with Aardman mainstays Richard Peck, Mark Burton, Sarah Cox, and Carla Shelley as producers on the project.

As mentioned earlier, Aardman is fairly consistent in the quality of his productions, and even his worst projects usually have redeeming qualities (whether it’s cool gags, detailed claymation images, or just simple recovery qualities). Stop being silly). Only time will tell if The Journey Before Christmas joins the ranks of the biggest winter holiday specials of all time, but Shaun’s “silent” cheats have rarely disappointed so far.

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