Release date, new features, compatible iPhones… everything you need to know about Apple’s operating system

The next iPhone update, as usual, keeps its share of new features. Some developments have already been leaked, as well as the list of compatible iPhones.

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As it is the case every year, the iPhone will see the arrival of the new version of its operating system in 2023, which is titled iOS 17. We take a look at the news and information to find out the upcoming iOS 17 operating system for the iPhone 15.

What’s new in iOS 17

If, at first, the first rumors suggested that iOS 17 would be a minor update, over the months potential novelties have ended up pointing at the tip of their nose. A lock screen with increased capabilities, the ability to install other app stores, well-thought-out access options, application improvements … We stick around the software.

Improved lock screen

While Apple introduced a customizable lock screen on iOS 16, the brand wants to take it further in iOS 17 by offering a myriad of options on the lock screen. As mentioned bloombergIf it’s locked and placed in landscape mode, the iPhone can act like Google Nest or Amazon Echo.

The idea would be to make the iPhone more useful even when it’s locked. The codename for this feature will be Dawn,”dawnIn French. It will depend on the work already done on the lock screen widgets to push it further and show temperature, information and other small information.

Sideloading: This is a revolution

A big change could be on the horizon with iOS 17. The Cupertino company will be forced to ditch one of its popular features: App Store privacy could be gone, according to bloomberg.

It is clear that if until now the only way to install an application on the iPhone was to go through the App Store, Apple would decide to allow other possibilities. It will likely be possible to install third-party app stores such as the Google Play Store or Samsung’s Galaxy Store, for example. However, we’d rather imagine a brand like Epic soon rushing into the hack.

With this novelty, Apple will therefore go in the direction of the European law on digital markets, which obliges the giant to offer, on the territory of the European Union, the installation of third-party applications on its phones.

Personal voice and assistant access

On the accessibility front, iOS 17 will also bring its share of innovation. Many new features are coming to the iPhone.

For people with cognitive impairments, Apple has provided Assistant access. This is a simplified iPhone mode that a trusted friend can control. The idea is to make it easy to access your favorite apps through an interface that reduces cognitive load.

Personal voice and live speech also appear. Live Speech will simply read the text typed by the user during phone calls or FaceTime, but it can also be used during face-to-face conversations. Personal Voice, for its part, will strive to create a voice that is more like users. This solution is for people who are likely to lose the ability to speak. They are asked to read 15 minutes of random text to allow their iPhone or iPad to generate a similar sound.

As a small bonus, this is a machine learning feature of the device. I understand from this that everything happens on the machine, in order to ensure a certain dose of secrecy.

One last feature called Point and speak In addition to the Magnifier application for the blind and visually impaired. It allows, by depicting its environment, to indicate which items the iPhone will read aloud.

Some changes in design

In a lighter way, some apps could see their offering evolve. Network integration seems to be required, especially for backgrounds or for health. Other apps could see their style evolve, like CarKey or Wallet, for example.

Dynamic Island, the famous novelty introduced on the iPhone 14 Pro to remove the notch, should also make its way to the non-Pro iPhone 15. Apple’s opportunity to expand the capabilities of this tool, which is still little used by third-party apps.

The Control Center, which has been unchanged since 2017, should benefit from a major update. We do not know yet what the Cupertino company is preparing for us in this matter.

When will iOS 17 be released?

The premiere of iOS 17 is scheduled for June 5, 2023, during WWDC 2023. This is the developer conference dedicated to Apple. In general, iOS 17 is immediately available on the latest iPhones, but in beta. The stable version of iOS 17 should be available when iPhone 15s is released.

iPhone devices compatible with iOS 17

For now, remember that Apple has not sent out the list of supported iPhones, so be careful. In general, the Cupertino company offers 6-7 years of software tracking on its iPhones.

According to some controversial rumors Mac rumorsApple could drop support for its devices equipped with the A11 Bionic chip. Hence this is for the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X.

iPads can also be affected. This will be the fifth generation iPad and the first generation iPad Pro 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch.

If these rumors are to be believed, here is the list of compatible iPhones:

Of course, the iPhone 15s should be added to this list.

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