Reinvent (again) the workspace…outside

The dress up “It is a practice that consists of doing one’s work outdoors, in contact with nature,” asserts co-founder of Marie-Pierre Tessier de L’Etoile, Aire commune. Goal: reduce stress and improve focus. She has been convinced of this approach since 2017, the year she created her first space of this kind with Aire commune. The population of the city of Montreal is currently about forty.

Human resource management specialist Diane Gabrielle Tremblay says studies in psychology and in schools confirm the beneficial effects of this type of facility on mental health.

The dress up Easy to set up. You need shade, ability to sit, access to electricity and good Wi-Fi. »

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Marie-Pierre Tessier de L’Etoile

Even if this method has many advantages, it also causes some problems, according to Diane Gabriel Tremblay, such as the security of some sensitive data.

Marie-Pier Tessier De L’Étoile would like to point out that outside work should be seen as a complement and cannot replace traditional offices.

present this mode [simplement] More flexibility and options. »

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Marie-Pierre Tessier de L’Etoile

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