Red trees covered with aluminum to protect from fire

In an effort to protect these ancient trees from fires in California, emergency services have decided to wrap their feet in fire blankets.

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Great stuff. At the base of the world’s tallest tree, the giant sequoia, rescue workers wrap fire-retardant blankets to protect California from wildfires. “General Sherman”, considered the world’s largest tree, and his 83-meter-tall Redwood grove were visited by firefighters.

About 2,000 firefighters are concentrated in the Sequoia National Park area of ​​central California, destroying brush and front equipment. They are taking extraordinary measures to protect these treesChristy Brigham, one of the park officials, was quoted by Daily Mercury News. We want to do everything we can to preserve these 2,000 to 3,000 year old trees..

Thousands of km2 of forests have already been burned in California this year. The number and intensity of fires have increased in recent years across the western United States with significant lengths of fire season. According to experts, this phenomenon is particularly associated with global warming: an increase in temperature, increase in heat waves and precipitation in places is an excellent flammable cocktail. Two fires on Thursday near the “Giant Forest” of Sequoia Park, home to five of the world’s largest trees, including “General Sherman”, usually attract tens of thousands of tourists.

In response to these disasters, low-intensity fires are generally not harmful to large sequoias, whose thick bark and its branches are located at a height that does not reach the flames. These trees even need fire to reproduce: the heat of the flames explodes popcorn-like cones to release hundreds of seeds. Growing only in California at the foot of Sierra Nevada, these giants have not sustained enough fires in recent years thanks to climate change.

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