Red Cross vaccinations in Dijon

In Dijon, at the reception center for asylum seekers, the Red Cross has set up a vaccination center there. Since it opened on July 24, patient show, it’s a success.

“A little bit of distrust, but a lot of questions”

But before the center opened, we had to do it block, go to the Meet these isolated residents.It is necessary to go to them. Tell them they can get vaccinated, which is sometimes not easy, and answer their questions when they do.Christophe Talmet, director of the Red Cross mission in Côte d’Or, explains.

A prevention campaign was carried out no obstacle. “They had a lot of questions, and now they are here. It’s a public health and information issue as well. They had a lot of preconceptions that had to be dismantledChristophe Talmet continues.


Mahad, 28 years old, from Somalia, I just received her first dose. He didn’t know that he could also benefit from it and he was delighted. “It’s great to be able to get vaccinated, especially for free. I’m in a precarious situation, and I don’t necessarily have the means to treat myself, so thank youHe said, checking his testimony.

Perhaps 22-year-old Erica would not have taken the initiative, If the Red Cross does not reassure her. “JI now understand that it is important for me and my entourage and also to go to the restaurant or the cinema! We must protect ourselves! “ she explained

Some small difficulties

The campaign may bear fruit, it is not without Some small difficulties. “It’s not always easy, there’s the language barrier“Acknowledges the volunteer doctor Francois Arcos.”But that’s not a big deal at all, we work hard, we have translators on our smartphones, but we get there and it’s going just fine!“He concludes.

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Since the center opened on July 24, some 220 people They were able to benefit from a dose of the vaccine.

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