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For many, 2021 was a pivotal year for Apple. The company has thus confirmed its operational position increasingly focused on applications and openness to the media and outside developers. This launcher also has a turnover never achieved before, approaching group capitalization Three trillion dollars. So let’s go back to all the Apple announcements this year: Let’s go.


First of all, it’s worth noting that Apple has announced that it raised at least $83.4 billion during the third quarter of 2021, numbers that it would still make sense to exceed for the holiday season. If we add this sum with the sum of the previous three quarters, we get approximately the total 400 billion dollars : Here too, the brand is on top.

The reasons for this growing success can be found in several major articles: let’s review them.


On April 20, Apple formalized the arrival of the new iPad Pro Available from the following month. The main difference between them is on the side of the M1 processor, as powerful as a laptop like the 13-inch MacBook Pro which also includes the same chip. For the first time, the manufacturer has also switched to mini-LED, which, despite some criticism for very annoying bugs, offers better contrasts. Two sizes are available for these high-end tablets: 11 or 12.9 inches.

iPad mini 6 © Apple

The amount of RAM has also been increased, but that’s it. And this is also the main gray area that seems to hover over Apple in 2021: product updates are essential for the company, but considered unnecessary by many consumers because they differ slightly from previous versions.

WWDC was also an opportunity to discover iPad 15, with App Library access to the list. One iPad mini (our test) and the 9th generation iPad also using this program in September. However, there is no iPad Air 5, but the current version is already very promising. As for the 2012 iPad, it is now considered obsolete and therefore no longer supported for free in the Apple Store.

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iPhone is no exception to the rule, and it has also received a revamp especially similar to the 2020 range. Thus Apple without any surprise presented us with four models that can be described as iPhone 12 mini, updated iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. He remains with Port Lightning despite Europe’s grievances against him. No, where the audience has really interesting finds, it’s actually more on the program side iOS 15.

iOS 15

© Apple

This operating system is equipped with many highly anticipated features, such as publishing tags in the Notes app, The famous focus mode Or the Safari browser is finally compatible with extensions.

The most nostalgic will also notice the iPhone XR being abandoned, despite the iPhone 11 being kept.


The big absentee from these last twelve seems to be the MacBook Air, which despite being re-released more than once in the previous year hasn’t changed its 2020 model with the M1 chip. L ‘iMacShe, on the other hand, went from 21 to 24 inches in a sparkling new design now worked on by Joni Ive through her agency LoveFrom. As for the iMac Pro, it has been pulled off the shelves, as are the space gray mouse and keyboard. all going under Monterey In June, during the Worldwide Developers Conference, which, like other keywords, was held exclusively online due to the coronavirus pandemic.

iMac M1

© Apple

In terms of performance, Apple silicon continues to launch with new SiPs (system in package) including CPU, graphics card, and RAM modules on a single component. M1 Pro and M1 Max are assembled by TSMC in Asia, as are the iPad and iPhone chipsets, and offered to configure on the new MacBook Pro 14 and 16 inch. It’s obvious with its peculiarity that it caused a lot of ink to flow: the notch!

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Users and the media have also benefited from the marketing of new wearable devices, such as the Watch (Series 7) and 3rd generation “classic” AirPods. In the meantime, AirPods Pro 2 are still pending, but if the rumors were just introduced in 2022. As for HomeKit-compatible connected objects that can be controlled using the Home app, they have already doubled in 2021.


© Apple

with one AirTagNow it is also possible to keep track of lost items: keys, wallet and even your own car. As with fall detection, these tools have made headlines several times, especially in cases of personal baggage theft. Privacy is always at the center of the debate, although a beacon feature can alert you if someone is watching you without your consent.

To put an end to the accessories, let’s not forget the file HomePod mini Which, finally available in several colors, fell on the end of the most imposing model.


Also released in April, Apple TV with its new device siri remotely (includes a disc similar to an iPod) in many homes is the ideal multimedia center for the whole family. And for good reason. The box has been providing access to all virtual Cupertino shows including TV + to stream with more and more videos and bonuses, music and its audio show for less than 5 euros just announced, arcade and a hundred games and now Fitness + and its on-demand sports lessons, since the beginning of November in Mainland France.

Apple services

© Apple

According to the sales figures reported by its publisher, these services are also the sector that is advancing the fastest, to an extent that represents today 22% of his incomeIt is second only to the iPhone and ahead of the Mac. There, too, health conditions may be a thing, so Apple’s official estimates believe these results will subside little by little.

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How do you finish your summary of 2021 at Apple without mentioning the multiple problems facing the company now, which seem to be becoming too strong in the eyes of some? Australia, India, South Korea, Japan, US Senate, UK, European Commission, Germany and of course France Watch closely the actions of the giant. Severe fines have also attempted to curb its growth, while major iOS vulnerabilities and bugs have been identified.

Among the questions about the supposed monopoly, patent infringements, and risks related to confidentiality and working conditions being criticized at its headquarters and among its partners, remains to be done by Apple.

What is going on behind the scenes…

In recent weeks, the US body responsible for filing patents has also seen Apple register several new features. These unfortunately have not yet seen the light of day, but such documents prove that the technology is in his possession. We can cite the camera and fingerprint sensor at the bottom of the iPhone screen, a car connected to graphic interfaces, foldable screensThe glucometer on the Watch and of course the mixed reality headset expected in 2022.

Finally, on the supplier side, a reorganization is also taking place, with BOE Electronics (monitors) and luxeshire (assembly) is handled by LG and Foxconn, respectively.

And for you, what’s the most amazing novelty for 2021 at Apple? - The official app – The official app

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