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This Thursday, August 26th is marked under the sign International End of Species Day. Or the idea of ​​humans being superior to animal beings, at the expense of their own well-being. A model that has been called into question in recent years around the world, as evidenced by numerous laws aimed at granting more rights to animals.

“Let’s end gender segregation!”

Let’s end the gender segregation!“This was the message that was sent during this world day which aims toAbolishing the hierarchy between genres and callAnti-species. In other words, to fight the supposed superiority of man over animals.

form of dominance And that is practiced even in our daily practices, from the meat we eat to the clothes we wear, including tourist activities or performances designed to entertain us.

Anti-reproductive theory was put forward in the 1970s by American philosopher Peter Singer.

At the time, he began to question the relationship of dominance that humans have with animals, which has been denounced by a minority for centuries but not yet taken seriously enough. In 1975 the book was published “animal liberation”Which will become a bestseller all over the world. The work is considered to be the founder of the principles of anti-breeding.

Animals are sensitive and have rights

Anti-objects ethics give a Equality in mind For the interests of all living beings sensitive to pain and pleasure‘, reminds of the Association for the Defense of Animal Rights L214Famous for its shocking videos denouncing intense suffering They catch animals on factory farms, which contributes significantly to raising public awareness of the animal issue.

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According to a survey conducted in 2020 among 26,000 consumers in several European countries by the supermarket chain Vision (Berlin), the number of vegetarians It could have doubled in two years, from 1.3 million to 2.6 million, while 30% of respondents said they were reducing their meat consumption. Worldwide, the proportion of vegetarians is estimated to be between 5% to 8%.

Each country has its own peculiarity in combating abuse

It also results in awakening awareness of the animal’s condition Bills It aims to give more rights to animals in the world, with specific areas of work by country. One of the most symbolic measures is undoubtedly the ban on wild animals in circus wanderer.

In 2021, tigers, lions, giraffes or elephants are banned from under Bedouin pavilions in more than two dozen European countries.

lagging behind its neighbors (Belgium introduced this measure in 2013), and France This ban will also be implemented gradually as part of a law passed in 2021 to combat animal abuse that contains several measures, including a ban on breeding and the introduction of a new law Killer whales and dolphins In dolphinariums, the end Selling dogs and cats in pet stores And stop the farmer aim, shoot America to produce fur.

The United kingdom It also recently embarked on a master plan to combat animal abuse. In May 2021, Environment Secretary George Eustis announced the introduction of legislation to recognize animals as sentient beings. The law includes other measures aimed at strengthening animal protection, such as stopping production and importing Phua, restriction glue chase and the prohibition of obtaining trophies huntingFrom wild animals (ivory, snake skin, rhino horns…).

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Protecting animals from mass tourism

Exploit animals to run Tourism in large numbers is also a problem. This is why countries are taking measures to reduce animal abuse, such as‘South AfricaWhich announced last May its intention to ban its breeding black in captivity.

For its part, the Sri Lanka Working on an extensive plan dedicated to protecting The elephants. One measure is planning to limit the number of people standing on the backs of mammals while walking (no more than four per elephant) and ban the exploitation of these animals in films (except for government products that are subject to strict veterinary control).

This Southeast Asian country also intends to issue a biometric ID to captive elephants but also to ban elephant riding if you drink alcohol!

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