Recent consultations by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France, Spain, Dubai, Germany and Austria

The strict rules introduced due to the Omicron coronavirus variant require anyone entering the UK to have proof of a negative pre-departure test and to isolate themselves from post-arrival testing until they receive a negative result.

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In a letter to Boris Johnson, the chief executives of seven companies, including Ryanair and British Airways, accused the prime minister of violating promises to limit the cost of PCR tests. for travelers.

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It comes as ministers are considering isolating themselves at home rather than isolating the hotel for fully vaccinated travelers.

Here are some recent travel tips for France, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, Germany and Austria.


travelers Evidence of a negative COVID-19 test result (PCR or antigen) must be submitted prior to departure from the UK for France.

This applies to all travelers, whether or not fully vaccinated.

Passengers who have been vaccinated must be tested 48 hours before departure, and those who have not been fully vaccinated must be tested 24 hours before departure.

Self-administration tests are not acceptable.

There are no internal travel restrictions in France.

Masks are mandatory in indoor public places and on public transport.

To access many of the services and sites, children 12 years of age or older must prove their Govt-19 status via Pass Sanitary.

A vaccination status of 19 may be demonstrated by evidence of vaccination, recent evidence of recovery, or a negative result of a Kovit-19 test taken within the past 24 hours.

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Before traveling to Spain, check with everyone (including children under 12) Children and youth Travel by air or sea must be completed and signed online health examination form.

If you have not completed this form electronically, you can submit it in paper form before boarding the plane.

When visiting Spanish ports and airports, you will need to view the QR code (paper or digital) provided upon completion of the Internet. health examination form before the flight.

When traveling from the UK to Spain, the additional documents you need to present upon entry are determined by the purpose of your travel:

  • Travel: at least 14 days before arrival in Spain (indicate date of vaccination(s)) Evidence of complete vaccination (two doses of Albidios vaccine or one dose of one-dose vaccine) must be provided. We see If you are fully vaccinated

You may be subject to the following controls at the point of entry:

  • Test the temperature
  • Undergoing a visual health assessment

Anyone showing symptoms or not meeting any of the above requirements will need to register on arrival, and in Spain you will need to comply with COVID-19 protocols at the location designated by local authorities at the destination.

Passengers must undergo a PCR, TMA or LAMP test at any time up to 48 hours after their arrival in Spain.

United Arab Emirates Dubai

COVID-19 entry requirements may change in the short term, and travelers to the UAE are strongly advised to check details, including schedules for COVID-19 PCR testing prior to their departure and departure with their carrier.

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Additional details include information on the British Airways, Emirates and Etihad websites regarding what this airline accepts as evidence of a negative test.

Residents, tourists and visitors in Dubai and Abu Dhabi must look for a negative PCR Govt-19 before or through departure from the UK and present the certificate for check-in.

It must be taken 72 hours prior to arrival in Dubai and 48 hours prior to arrival in Abu Dhabi.

Passengers arriving in Abu Dhabi must undergo a Govt-19 PCR test upon arrival.

Travelers arriving in Dubai may need to undergo further Govt-19 PCR tests upon arrival and will be quarantined until the Kovit-19 PCR test is completed.


Germany uses a two-tier system for risk types (areas of viral variance and areas of high infection), with separate entry and isolation rules for each stratum.

The UK has been called a “high-impact zone”.

If you are fully vaccinated, you can enter Germany from the UK for any purpose of travel.

Travelers aged 12 or over entering Germany from abroad must have proof of vaccination, proof of recovery, or a negative COVID-19 test.

Germany will accept England Evidence of recovery and vaccination history for COVID-19.


If you provide proof of vaccination or a medical certificate of full vaccination, you do not have to self-isolate or register once you are logged in.

For single-injection vaccines (eg Johnson & Johnson), you have had the vaccine for more than 21 days, but not more than 270 days before arrival.

For double-injection vaccines (such as AstraZeneca, Moderna), you must have a second injection 270 days before your arrival.

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If you received the booster dose 120 days after a full immunization, it should not have been more than 270 days before it arrived.

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