Re-launching the nuclear deal | Washington is making “very serious” proposals to Tehran

(Washington) The United States said on Friday that it had submitted “very serious” proposals to Iran to re-launch the Iran nuclear deal and expects Tehran to show the same “seriousness”. Participants in the discussions in Vienna also expressed cautious optimism.

Valentin Graf
France Media

An American official said that a team representing the United States, present in Austria without directly participating in the exchanges, submitted “very serious” proposals to Iran and showed a “real intention” to join the agreement if it “complied with it. New.” On Friday as trade was halted for the weekend.

At the heart of the negotiations is the issue of “reciprocity” that Washington is demanding, as this official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said when Tehran calls for a previous lifting of the US sanctions that Donald Trump had reimposed despite the deal.

“We have seen some indications (of reciprocity), but it is definitely not enough,” the US official said. The question is whether Iran has the will […] Choose the same pragmatic approach for the United States to comply once again with its obligations under the agreement.

The head of the Iranian delegation, Abbas Araghchi, who confirmed earlier, “Iran’s readiness to continue serious interactions,” echoed the saying, “It depends on the political will of the other parties. Otherwise, there will be no reason to continue negotiations.”

Discussions continued Wednesday

Iran said the exchanges were nevertheless considered “fruitful” by the European Union, which is coordinating the discussions, and will continue on Wednesday.

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Russian Ambassador to Vienna Mikhail Ulyanov wrote on Twitter that China, Britain, France, Germany, Iran and Russia “have evaluated the work carried out by the experts over the past three days and noted with satisfaction the first progress that has been made.”

In order to “maintain the positive dynamic,” he added, diplomats from countries that are still parties to the agreement, who met in a hotel in central Vienna, “will meet again next week,” before the Iranian Foreign Ministry meets. It did not specify that this meeting will be held on Wednesday at the level of deputy ministers.

The 2015 agreement, known by the acronym JCPOA, placed restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program in order to reassure the international community that Tehran would not be in a position to develop a nuclear weapon.

In return, the agreement made mandatory the lifting of some of the sanctions imposed on Iran.

But former US President Donald Trump largely withdrew his country from the agreement in 2018 and re-imposed unilateral sanctions, prompting Iran to respond by bypassing the restrictions on nuclear activity stipulated in the text.

The examinations

On Friday, Abbas Araghchi reminded that, “Only after verification of the” lifting of sanctions “is Iran” ready to end its corrective measures and return to the full implementation of the JCPOA. ”

In an interview published on Friday, a member of the Iranian delegation in Vienna said that in order to conduct these checks, which were requested by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, Iran plans to try to export oil and conduct international banking transactions.

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Kazem Gharibabadi, the Iranian ambassador to the IAEA, said that this is “the only way to ensure that sanctions are lifted in practice” and not only “on paper.”

New US President Joe Biden said he was ready to re-enter the deal, thus lifting the sanctions after negotiations, but Iran has refused to speak directly with the US as long as the sanctions remain in place.

So the European Union Coordinator, Enrique Mora, took a shuttle tour throughout the week to inform the US delegation, which is staying in a separate hotel, about 100 meters from the hotel where the discussions are taking place.

“The Iranians do not want to take risks, and they do not meet (the Americans) by chance,” a source said at the beginning of last week.

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